If 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Were High-Carb Foods
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If 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Were High-Carb Foods

Dinner is coming.

If 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Were High-Carb Foods

The first episode of the highly-anticipated Season Seven of "Game of Thrones" came out just a few days ago. To celebrate this landmark achievement, here are 13 "Game of Thrones" characters as high-carb and calorie foods. Bon Appétit!

Warning: Could contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

1. Daenerys Targaryen: Breadsticks

Firm and unyielding on the outside but soft and warm on the inside, Daenerys Targaryen is just like a breadstick. She shows no mercy to enemies, but loves and cherishes her family and khalasar. Once you take a bite out of her, sorry, get to know her, you'll either love her (which most everyone does) or hate her.

2. Tyrion Lannister: Sushi

Small in stature but big in brains, Tyrion Lannister can best be compared to sushi. Sushi is relatively small, but it has an amazing flavor with different ingredients, just like Tyrion's mind is filled with various ideas and plans.

3. Arya Stark: Cheesecake

Imagine Arya Stark as a piece of cheesecake — after all, you don't need to eat a lot of cheesecake to feel the power behind the flour and eggs. Despite Arya's age, she grows physically and mentally throughout the seasons. If you eat a lot of cheesecake throughout the seasons, you'll grow too — but maybe only physically.

4. Sansa Stark: Baguette

Sansa Stark is the most similar to a baguette. Graceful and elegant in the beginning, she soon becomes fierce, stiff and queenly. A baguette is soft and elegant but if left over time, will also become stiff and fierce to eat.

5. Jon Snow: Spaghetti

Jon Snow could be compared to a hearty spaghetti dish — his many roles and personalities (former Lord Commander, former bastard son, one of the many to vying for the Iron Throne, etc) all stir up to create the final dish.

6. Theon Greyjoy: Ice Cream

Theon Greyjoy is like ice cream. In the beginning, he is firm and unyielding, but after many years of torture and abuse, he begins to melt — mentally, spiritually and physically.

7. Brienne of Tarth: Baked Potato

Brienne of Tarth is the most similar to a baked potato. She is intensely stubborn but fiercely loyal. The outside of a baked potato is crispy yet the inside is soft, just like Brienne. Despite looking plain, baked potatoes are very good. Brienne looks plain, yet she has a good heart inside.

8. Littlefinger: Pasta Bowl

Clever but totally a game changer, Littlefinger is best compared to a bowl of pasta. At first, it's a little...slimy, but once you start eating you'll love it. Same with Littlefinger — he's pretty sly but also pretty loyal to Catelyn.

9. Bran Stark: Bran Flakes

Bran Stark
is most similar to Bran Flakes — not only in name but also in personality. Despite being crippled, Bran is still fierce. Despite the rough texture of Bran Flakes, they still taste pretty good.

10. Jaime Lannister: Pizza

Jaime Lannister is best compared to pizza — full of many ingredients, pizza plays a pretty important role in the food industry. Jaime has many personalities, and all of them play a pretty pivotal role in the "Game of Thrones."

11. Cersei Lannister: Chow Mein

Cersei Lannister is like Chow Mein — it might look good on the outside, but (in my opinion) it's a bit overrated. Cersei might appear beautiful on the outside, but inside, she is evil and scheming.

12. Melisandre: Raisin Bread

Melisandre is like raisin bread — mysterious and full of the unknown. When you bite into raisin bread, you automatically wonder: what was that I just ate? Nuts? A raisin? Or something else?

13. Samwell Tarly: Mochi

Round and rotund, Samwell Tarly can only be described as mochi ice cream. He might seem cowardly, but inside, he has a good heart. The outer layer of Mochi might hide the goodness inside, but there definitely is that goodness, no matter the outside.

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