13 Different Friends You Meet In College

13 Different Friends You Meet In College

College is the time to try new things and meet new friends.

College is a time to meet new friends, and the friends you make while away at school will be very different than the friends you had at home. Your home friends were your friends because of tradition, you'd known them for years, you did the same activities, so you were friends. In college, you make friends to literally help you survive. Every friend group has all of these different types of friends, and if you can't think of a friend in your group to fill the slot, you are that friend.

1. The kinda nerdy, super goal oriented, president's list friend

This is a friend you'll likely meet in one of your more advanced classes, and you're always going to be jealous of their work ethic. It's unlikely that you'll see them out on a weeknight (or a weekend, for that matter), but you'll probably see them giving a speech when you graduate because of all of their hard work.

2. The party pooper friend

This is the friend who bails on the plans every time. Actually, you're going to wonder why you still even bother to invite them out with the group anymore because they always find a reason not to go.

3. The slacker friend

This is the friend who skates on the thin line between having a C-average and academic probation, they either party way too much or watch way too much Netflix.

4. The friend with the unfairly high metabolism

This is a friend you'll never run into in the recreation center, but you'll definitely always see in the dining hall pigging out. This friend will maintain a size 2 figure while eating enough food for four people multiple times a day, and you'll probably secretly pray it all catches up to her some day.

5. The friend who can party 24/7 and maintain a 3.5

How do they do it? It's so hard to keep up your grades even when you don't go out every night and reserve your fun time for the weekends.

6. The stressed out all the time friend

This friend lives every week like it's finals week. I get it, college is stressful, but you don't need to drink seven energy drinks because of one quiz on a Wednesday. Be prepared to get stressed out over nothing every time you talk to this friend, because all of their worrying will rub off on you.

7. The sorta-friend

This is a friend you see around, but don't really hang out with. You might grab a bite to eat together every once in a while or hit the library for a study session, but they probably don't know too much about you and vice versa.

8. The obsessed-with-her-boyfriend friend

She will never, ever want to hang out with you if her boyfriend is available too. Be prepared to be the second choice all of the time and third wheel whenever he ends up eating with the two of you.

9. The well-dressed friend

This friend will bring her entire, zillion-dollar wardrobe from home and constantly look nice while going to class. Pro tip: sweatpants are just as rewarding and take less than half of the effort of looking decent.

10. The out of place friend

This friend is one that never really fits in with the crowd, and probably has multiple friend groups because they don't really fit in anywhere. Really nice, always available.

11. The lazy slug friend

This friend brushes her hair maybe three times a week and it's obvious. When she does decide to get out of bed for class, it's because there's a test that she can't reschedule and she can't risk failing it.

12. The homebody friend

This friend is one you will never see on the weekends, because they will be home hanging out with their parents. No shame, but isn't that what breaks are for? What was the point of even going away to college?

13. The embarrassment

Beware, because every time you go out with this friend, you'll end up embarrassed and probably covered in some kind of bodily fluid. This friend has no self control and loves to make a fool out of themselves. On the bright side, they'll make for some really hilarious Snapchat stories, and you'll never have to worry about embarrassing yourself.

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To My Long-Distance Best Friend, We Might Be 7,811 Miles Apart, But Our Friendship Only Gets Stronger

It breaks my heart that I cannot be around for your birthdays or to celebrate your achievements. But I'm so proud of every milestone you achieve. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and the person you are becoming.


To my best friend,

It has been 270 days since I last met you and 206 more days until I meet you again. People say that time flies by quickly, but these have been the most difficult days that seemed to drag on forever. Five years ago when you were sitting next to me on the first day of our sociology class, I had no idea we would end up being best friends. From sharing my mother's parathas during lunch breaks to the countless sleepovers, I will never forget all the memories we created throughout high school.

I vividly remember the day I told you I would be studying abroad. You were so happy and proud of me for pursuing my dreams but also upset that we wouldn't be seeing each other every now and then. I was worried if our friendship would even last. But we have spent almost two years away from each other and our friendship only seems to get stronger.

I'm so grateful to technology for allowing us to be in touch all the time. My day doesn't feel complete if I do not receive a text from you. I know we do not video call often because of how busy our schedules are (another reason being time zones suck and I cannot do the math), but always know that I am there for you. It breaks my heart that I cannot be around for your birthdays or to celebrate your achievements. But I'm so proud of every milestone you achieve. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and the person you are becoming.

We have both had some terrible friendship experiences in our past before we met each other that have completely broken our faith in friendships. But know that you can always count on me and that I will never leave your side. Know that I will always set an alarm early in the morning just to video call you. Know that I will always be there for you (even if I'm not physically present around you). Know that you will always be the first person I share everything with.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Thank you for encouraging me to make new friends at college. Thank you for always being there during my failures and reminding me that it's not the end of the world and that more opportunities will come my way. Thank you for being there during my successes and being my number one cheerleader. Thank you for always reminding me to love myself. You not only have a special place in my heart but also have a special place in my family. My mother and sister not only glad that I have a best friend like you but also adore you so much. It is impossible to imagine a life without you.

I cannot wait for more butter chicken sleepover dates in December!

Lots of love,

Your best friend.

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