13 DIY Cat Bed Ideas for a Comfy Nap Time

13 DIY Cat Bed Ideas for a Comfy Nap Time

Even if you are Lazy or Out of Skills, these Innovative Easy-to-Follow Cat Bed Ideas will leave you in Surprise! Gift your Kitty a Warm, Cozy Shelter!


"There is nothing as important as Sleep for Cats."

You may get a bit frustrated with finalizing their bedding, due to their special requirements. Cats sleep for about 16 to 20 hours, and so, Bedding is an important aspect if you are planning to have a kitty! Before you head to a store, you might like to check out some easy home DIYS for Cat Beds which are Super Cute, Budget-Friendly and just the best that you can get for your fur baby!

13 DIY Cat Bed Ideas for a Comfy Nap Time

Making a Cat Bed at home is not as difficult as you may think. You need to know the Idea, and get the right materials - and TADA! Your own handmade bed is ready. I have compiled 13 ideas that I got to know through my friends and other online pages. Let's get started!

1. Cube for your Kitty!

If you are a stitching expert, then you could make a small Cube Mattress for your Cat. Choose the soft foam padding for this bed DIY.

2. A Wall-Mounted Basket for Bedding

Decide the location where you want to set the basket. Get a durable basket, drill the basket on the wall. Place a soft sleeping bed inside the basket, and it's done!

3. The tire will do the job too.

Do you have spare tires which are not in use anymore? Paint the tire with your cat's fav color, and then stuff it with the dog bed. It's done!

4. Special Cat Tent for your friend.

You need hangers, cardboard and a T-shirt of yours. Connect the hangers on the board and give them a tent shape. Dress it up using your round-neck T-shirt. Doesn't it look lovely?

5. Use your Old TV Monitor as the Bed

If you have any old desktop set, television monitor lying around unused, then give it a new look by making it as a Cat Bed. You can even use the old monitors too, and add a unique vibe to the decor.

6. Time to Recycle your Sweater!

It's a different feeling of giving your cat his own bed, and that too self-made.

Next DIY idea is using your old Sweater made of a thick woolen material. Roll it up, and stitch it. New Warm Cat Bed is ready.

7. Crate turned Bed for Cats

Yes, you can try this out if you have wooden crates at your place. Smoothen the corners, and arrange the bedding inside it. The Crate Bed for Cats is ready!

8. The No-Sew Custom Cat Bed.

For making this cute bed, you will need just 3 things - yard of some colorful fabric, stuffing material, and scissors. Make the cuts, and then tie them into a knot! Fill it up with the bedding material, and voila it's done!

9. Teepee Styled Cat Bed DIY

Get some wooden sticks and a piece of fabric. Join the sticks using the Jute or any String, and that makes the top portion. Place the fabric on this structure, place it on the Cat Mattress.

10. Suitcase Bed for your Cats

If your kitty is fond of traveling, then you can gift them the best kind of bed. A small compact suitcase will do the job! Decorate it up using photographs and other accessories.

11. Drawers are yet another Bed option

Cats love when you gift them privacy and comfort all together. This is just what a Drawer style Cat Bed will offer to you. Either go with a single-tier or the multi-tier design depending on their needs.

12. Make a Four Post Bed by yourself!

If you want to get a four-poster bed for your kitty, then it may go out of Budget! Because, frankly speaking, it will get expensive. Instead, you can use any old side table or stool you have got and turn it upside-down and use it as a Four-Poster Bed!

13. Cool Carpet Cat Bed

Gift them this cool cat bed that you can make using a soft towel, yarn threads, small table, scissors. Cut out the required size of the towel, as per the table dimensions. Make the knots, and set them below a coffee table. Make sure that there is a good amount of space beneath the table.

So, these were some of my Best Picks for Cat Bed Ideas. Did you like them? Reply to us by commenting your feedback and suggestions. Share us your Cat bedding ideas, if you got anything unique to add to this list.

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Once You Lose A Loved One To Drug Abuse, Everything Changes

My uncle was more than someone with a drug addiction, same as many others, that is why we must try to help instead of shaming others for their addictions.


Not once in my life did I ever think that I would be jealous of a funeral.

Honestly, I feel crazy even putting those words out for the world to read. Last night, I went to a funeral visitation for the father of a dear friend. He had an overwhelming turnout- you could tell that he was a beloved man to not only his family but to his community as well.

I lost my uncle a month ago. He was only a mere 57 years old, and it was anything but expected. He did not have cancer or any type of physical illness, and he did not get the luxury of going in his sleep.

He died of a drug overdose. Whether unintentional or intentional, we will never know.

There is something to be said about foreshadowed death. It comes with pain, as does any loss, but it gives a chance for closure- to say the things that we need to say and to express to that person how much they truly meant to us. I never imagined that I would be jealous of this type of closure.

Losing a loved one to a drug overdose causes the same type of regret as suicide; instant self-blame.

Your head is filled with thoughts of what you 'could have' or 'should have' done because the person's death was completely avoidable. I knew that my uncle suffered from depression and a drug problem, everyone in the family did. No one did anything, either out of ignorance or denial. I remember watching him leave family events- he was always the first to go. The first time that I realized my uncle had a problem I was a teenager. I remember thinking to myself how I should reach out to him, invite him out for coffee or a beer- but I never did. I was always too busy- something else was more important, or the twenty-minute drive was just too far. This was my excuses for over ten years. Honestly, I think the real reason I never reached out was that I was scared it would be awkward. I let this fear of awkwardness stand between me and a relationship. Now my head swirls at night how if I had reached out to him, I could have changed the outcome of this entire situation.

It was a Saturday morning when we were called to the hospital. He was lying hooked up to five different machines, including a ventilator. The room was trashed- the nursing staff hurried to clean it up as much as they could before we could see the blood stained gauze that littered the counters. The doctor came in and told us they did all that they could to save him, but it wasn't enough. We were advised to say our goodbyes. My grandmother kept whispering in my ear that he was still breathing because she could see his chest rising and falling. I couldn't bear to tell her that it was because of a machine breathing for him. This is what substance abuse looks like.

Drugs not only destroy the addict, but they destroy the family.

If you're apart of a family who has lost a loved one to drugs, know that you are not alone. Do not be ashamed to get the help you need; you're so much stronger than you think.

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10 Precious Tips To Future Proof your Career

Automation, technology upgrades and technology shifts are the reasons behind the change in everything. Experts say, by 2020, 7 million jobs will be lost due to technological advancements. This makes sense and future-proofing our reshaping careers is a need of the hour.


Change is inevitable and if you cannot accept it, the end is near for you. We tend to think the changes reside in future, but it has never been like that. Change is a process and not a phenomenon and when we realize the substantial difference in the world around us, we believe changes happen overnight.

World Economic Forum (WEF) has made a statement which says, 65% of children currently entering their primary school now will work in roles which currently do not exist. Automation, technology upgrades and technology shifts are the reason behind the change in everything. Experts say, by 2020, 7 million jobs will be lost due to technological advancements. This makes sense and future-proofing our reshaping careers is a need of the hour.

Future of the job market is unpredictable and people need to master certain skills to excel in future. Here are 10 tips you should follow to future-proof your career which will guarantee your success and maintain your employability.

1. Think Globally

You must learn how to break conventional work practices. In the 21st century, geographical barriers are not defining parameters for business expansion and marketing. Now people work online. Market demands employees who can deal with people of different languages, cultures, and backgrounds.

Learn about how people work internationally so that you can expend your work globally. This will make you a deserving candidate for the employment of the future.

2. Cultivate A Professional Network

As Dr. Ivan says, networking is more about farming than hunting because networking is about cultivating relationships. In the corporate world, having a strong network is critical to your professional survival. A great success depends upon how strong your relations are with other people.

A strong network can be built by socializing, grabbing every opportunity to speak about your business, keeping track of your previous bosses and colleagues, volunteering, joining professional networks etc.

3. Develop Market Driven Skills

Staying on the forefront by learning new applicable technologies and skills is the key to survive in the professional world. The market determines which skills are important now and in the future.

You can learn some new skills side by side. They say to connect the dots, that is only possible when there are actually dots available to connect. Know more than others, work more than others, and expect less than others, right!

4. Make the Most Of Technology

In the job market, you can stay ahead of the pack by learning how to use technology effectively. You need to be aware of what's going on in the world. Automated systems, robots and AI are already making their way into our lives. They will naturally continue to do in future. You need to embrace new automation instead of avoiding technology changes and separate yourself from the competition.

Stay updated with AI, VI, and robotics and every other modern technology. Never miss a chance to update yourself by learning new technology regardless of your current working domain.

5. Figure Out How To Make Your Own Money

Someone has said, to get rich, you need to earn money while you're asleep. Future is unpredictable and so is your future career and the job market. You cannot completely rely on your career for your source of income.

Always reserve a substitute for your job and learn how to be your own boss and how to make money. In the worst scenario, you will have to leave the job and the skills you have developed during your life can be a savior. Freelancing work, blogging, working online, and network marketing are few suggestions. However, your list can be completely different than this.

6. Commit To Life Long Learning

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow, and learn as if you were to live forever". In the job market, you can stay ahead of the pack by learning how to use technology effectively. You need to be aware of what's going on in the world. Automated systems, robots and AI are already making their way into our lives. They will naturally continue to do in future. You need to embrace new automation instead of avoiding technology changes and separate yourself from the competition.

An investment in self has a guaranteed return. Traditional and structured education is very important. Yet much success is derived from highly motivated individuals that have dedicated their lives to the concept of lifelong learning. Learn, learn and learn!

7. Get Used To Coding

Computers and code are everywhere. In today's better, tech-savvy world, coding has become one of the important skills to learn. It's not about becoming a computer scientist, but having a basic knowledge of understanding how computer technology works.

Burning-glass.com reports, coding jobs are growing at the high rate of 50% faster than the overall job market and also 12% faster than the market average. Equipped with coding skills, you'll be ready to take the market by storm.

This skill will let you build websites and application for your business without relying on others.

8. Learn About The Next Trend

Cultural trends and new technologies are rapidly changing the job market. Always learn about the next technology and trends. Your past knowledge cannot carry you through changing trends rest of your life. Stay in touch with industry changes.

Just learning now is not enough. You have to be consistent in developing new skills. For this, it is important for you to forecast future trend.

You need to be an observant about the day-to-day tasks and functions that matter in your industry and most likely to make a new wave in the future.

9. Travel

When it comes to career, Travelling more often has much more long-term benefits. Travelling gives you this very opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. It Might Open Doors You Aren't Expecting.

The new cultures, languages, norms and other practices that you come across when you travel to far-off places helps you in communicating better and work on your social skills in the progress.

Overseas exploration provides you with the opportunity to gain a new perspective. Even if you don't visit a country that emphasizes conversation, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and learn from them.

10. Learn New Languages

Learning a new language does not add only to your knowledge but also it makes your communication powers colossal. In order to grow your business overseas, communicating and understanding people from a different culture can be made easy by learning their language. Experts say, professional fluent in a second language can earn up to 10 to 15 percent more than their monolingual counterpart.

Being fluent in multiple languages gives you an edge over other candidates in job interviews and in work area. Knowing a second language boosts your chances of getting jobs amongst a pack of other candidates with similar abilities.

You will get more opportunities in marketing, transportation, administration, sales, retail, banking, education, law, communication, public relations, tourism, and government.

I hope above tips for future-proofing your career will save you from ending up as an inferior with the technological advancements and technological shifts. Follow this tips and be at the forefront of your working domain no matter what future trends have to offer you.

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