13 Childhood Board Games That Are Actually Meant To Be Played Drunk As A Skunk

What if I told you that your whole life is a lie?

All those nights that you spent sitting around the kitchen table with your family screaming insults and profanity over Monopoly were just wrong.

See, what creators of board games forgot to include in the instructions is the very first step — get wasted.

Grab your friends and your drink of choice and play these board games absolutely sloshed. It will change your life.

1. Twister.

Twister has always been a challenge to see who can keep their balance while stretching in ways the human body was simply just not designed to do. But add vodka to the mix and you have the most interesting game of who cannot fall over first.

2. Jenga.

Spice things up by writing instructions on each piece which have to be executed. Sorry in advance to whoever has to get naked.

3. Pictionary.

Things are bound to get interesting when you hand a drunk person a sharpie and a timer.

4. Operation.

If you're the kind to sob and contemplate your life when you're drunk, maybe pass on this game. But if you have a knack for screaming profanity while feeling like a complete failure all for the pursuit of entertainment, go for it.

5. Guess Who?

You know that some weird shit will be said that you will bring up sporadically over the next 10 years.

6. Hungry Hippo.

Something about competitive eating while you're trashed just makes sense to me.

7. Mouse Trap.

I genuinely don't think you will be able to set this up drunk, so maybe do that before you pound shots.

8. Trouble.

This game is really easy in theory but trying to get those tiny pieces into their slots will be frustrating when you're drunk. But watching your friends try it will make it worth it.

9. Life.

This offers a nice roadmap to whatever the hell you're trying to accomplish in life.

10. Uno.

I feel like you definitely have a white chick in your life who will make margaritas and want to play Uno. I dunno, man. Just roll with it I guess.

11. Kerplunk.

This game is a challenge sober. Be prepared for some crazy competitiveness to come out.

12. Pretty Pretty Princess.

I dunno, something about making fun of horrible sexist games while being drunk sounds like a good time to me.

13. Taboo.

I genuinely think this will be the best one to play.

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