13 apps every college student needs
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13 apps every college student needs

Want to find discounts on textbooks? Need dinner delivered pronto? These apps will make it happen.

13 apps every college student needs

College is a hectic, stressful time, and navigating everything from studying for midterms to squeezing in a workout can be challenging. But today's students are living in the digital age. That means that, through the magic of mobile technology, they can access hundreds of thousands of quick fixes and solutions to their most pressing concerns through the touch of a button.

Want to find discounts on textbooks? Need dinner delivered pronto? These apps will make it happen.

1. Chegg

Chegg offers multiple apps for college students, including Books, which helps users find discounts on textbooks, and Prep, where users can comb through more than 500 million existing flashcards to facilitate easier studying or create their own. Students can also ask questions and find solutions to homework problems through Study and Math Solver. Explore the larger Chegg community for internships, tutors, and more.

2. Dictionary.com

Everyone needs a good dictionary, whether they're a college student or not. Use this app as a dictionary or thesaurus to look up words in your readings, find synonyms and new words for your term papers, or simply enhance your vocabulary with features like the "word of the day." You can even hear audio pronunciations of words to ensure that you're saying them correctly.

3. Easybib

Creating citations for your papers is a complex process, but it's a necessary one when you're in college. Easybib generates citations for works in a variety of formats from films to websites and blogs in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style formats. You can also use the tool to check your paper for plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

4. Evernote

Keep all your notes in one place with Evernote. Not only can you categorize your notes, but you can also create to-do lists and manage projects and deadlines. Notes don't have to be solely in written format, either. The app accommodates photos, voice memos, and other file types, storing them on the cloud so you can access them anywhere.

5. Headspace

Being a college student is stressful. Thanks to Headspace, you'll be able to find your calm through hundreds of meditation sessions aimed at helping you sleep, manage anxiety, cope with stress, and handle plenty of other difficult situations. When you're busy — which, let's face it, is probably always — you can access "bite-sized" guided meditations. You can also use "SOS" exercises for emergencies.

6. Meetup

College is one of the best places to meet people, but it's also important to have friends in the real world. Whether you're on campus or on break, Meetup allows you to find and, as the name implies, meet up with people who share your interests, whether you're a Harry Potter enthusiast, adventurous eater, or Renaissance art lover.

7. Mint

Young adulthood is the perfect time to start learning how to budget and manage your money. Powered by Intuit, Mint is the perfect tool for helping you handle your finances. It connects to your bank account to alert you about your spending habits and create budgets that are completely personalized to you. You can also view all your accounts — credit card, checking account, and more — in one place.

8. MyFitnessPal

It can be difficult to keep track of and work toward meeting your fitness goals with everything you have on your plate, but MyFitnessPal makes it easy. Through the app, you can look up the calorie count of the foods you eat, find quick exercises, and log your activities. That means fewer surprises when you step on the scale — and more meeting your nutrition and exercise aspirations.

9. Venmo

Everyone should get on board with this convenient tool, whether they're college students or not. Splitting the check and paying back your friends don't have to be complicated anymore. With Venmo, you can send money to your contacts immediately. The app connects to your bank account, and it takes less than 30 seconds to make a payment. You can also send requests to people who owe you money.

10. Postmates

Get food, groceries, drinks, and more delivered with just the press of a button with Postmates. Along with making your order, you can also track it through the app. The service is currently available in 20 major cities in the United States.

11. Saviry

Let's face it: college is expensive. But Saviry will help you save by finding you deals on nearly any item you need, from electronics and software to clothing and school supplies. You can even set up notifications for alerts on deals for specific items or categories.

12. SelfControl

Distractions are everywhere, but fortunately, SelfControl lets you block them out. If you need time to study for an exam or write a paper, you can add websites to a block list for a certain period of time. You won't be able to access those sites during that period, so you won't waste time checking Facebook or your Gmail.

13. SmartWatcher

Safety can be a concern when you're living your college life. With SmartWatcher, you can alert up to 12 friends or family members to let them know when you're walking home alone or going for a jog. In case of emergency, you can press a button to alert your watchers or send emergency services.

Never worry about losing your notebook the night before your midterm or forgetting to pay back that friend who spotted you for dinner again. From organizing your notes to keeping you safe on the walk to your dorm, these apps will help you handle every college want and need.

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