125 Little Things To Be Majorly Thankful For

125 Little Things To Be Majorly Thankful For

Some time away from home made it clear what I had to be thankful for.


This year I was in Hong Kong during Thanksgiving and although they don't celebrate this holiday, I still wanted to take the time to write down all the little and big things that I have been blessed with and that I want to cherish. So here is a list of 125 different things that I am thankful for. I hope it brings you as much joy to read as it brought me to write.

These are the 125 different things that I'm thankful for this year:

1. To be in college

2. My mom

3. Phone calls with my boyfriend

4. Traveling to Hong Kong

5. Efficient transportation in cities

6. Friends

7. Avocado toast

8. Beach Sand

9. My Wetbrush

10. Having fresh drinking water

11. The ocean waves and the sounds they make

12. Watermelon

13. The ability to move

14. My health

15. God

16. Watching a $6 movie at the theater on Tuesdays

17. Inspiring teachers

18. The growth of my faith

19. FaceTime calls

20. Ben & Jerry's ice cream

21. Thrift shopping

22. 80 degree weather

23. A good white t-shirt

24. The sense of belonging

25. My sorority sisters

26. My camera

27. A wildflower field

28. Learning new editing skills

29. Sterling silver jewelry

30. Jamming to my favorite songs in the car

31. Getting an unexpected gift

32. Flip flops

33. The Snapchats I get from my younger brother

34. My kitty

35. Having my grandparents nearby while at school

36. Finding a new song on Spotify

37. Looking at aesthetic pleasing and cohesive pictures on social media platforms

38. Getting ice cream on a bad/ good day

39. Late night talks

40. The first day of snow

41. The lake during the summer

42. Sacramento's Jump bikes

43. My bible study group

44. A clean hotel room

45. A fun printed summer bikini

46. The feeling you get when doing something for others

47. Late night talks in the car

48. The little girl/ family I babysit for

49. My roommate

50. Getting my pictures printed

51. Seeing the fall leaves change

52. Wearing my boyfriend's hoodie when it's cold outside

53. Bonfires

54. Caring pumpkins with friends and families

55. Chatting with old friends

56. The encouragement and complement I get from friends and strangers

57. Boarding a plane

58. Trying Chinese street food (I love egg waffles and fried octopus)

59. Getting a card in the mail

60. Writing in my journal

61. When someone tells me they prayed for me

62. Motivational speakers (thanks Barry)

63. My dad

64. Camping in the summers

65. Getting free headphones on during a flight

66. Chewing green mint gum

67. Jeeping

68. When my boyfriend bring food to my work

69. Going to JRRC fitness classes (thanks Stephani and Tiffani)

70. Chatting with my grandma

71. Wearing lulu running shorts

72. The Lebanese food Stephani's mom makes

73. Being home on breaks

74. Going on day trips and adventures

75. Hiking Trips

76. Seeing a butterfly

77. A new necktie

78. When I get to dress up for class

79. Leaving a song on repeat

80. Seeing my dog the first time I get home

81. Midwest hospitality

82. Biking towns

83. Trying on clothing when shopping

84. Packing my suitcase

85. Hammocking

86. Driving a car when I get home from breaks

87. Eating a fresh warm baguette

88. A descriptive story

89. The sunsets

90. Sweating a after a workout

91. Antique stores

92. My phone GPS

93. Being lost with good company

94. Tahoe trips

95. The smell of chocolate chip cookies

96. Having a workout buddy

97. My brother

98. Adding memories to my memory box or journal

99. Date nights

100. To be able to write and read

101. Having a car full of gas

102. Downloading pictures

103. Coffee dates even though I'm not a big coffee drinker

104. Face masks and movie nights with girlfriends

105. Getting into the shower after a workout

106. Burning a CD

107. Swimming in the summer

108. Taking pictures

109. Christmas gift exchanges

110. Chocolate

111. Putting on sweats

112. Staying up late

113. Movie soundtracks

114. Gondola Rides

115. Skydiving with my boyfriend

116. Trips to Stinson beach

117. For our rights and freedom

118. For all the gifts and blessings God's given me

119. The feel when your stomach drops on a roller coaster

120. My computer glasses

121. A warm and cozy bed to get into

122. Looking at art and exploring museums

123. Exploring local Farmers markets

124. The relaxing feeling you have in a sauna or hot tub

125. For the endless love that pours out over me

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Signs You're An INFJ, The World's Rarest Personality Type

INFJ, from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument, is believed to be the rarest personality type, and to make up less than 2% of the population. Oh, and I am one.

INFJ, referring to one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, has become a bit of a buzzword in the media over the past several years. The reason behind it: INFJ is considered to be the rarest personality type, making up less than 2% of the world's entire population. They are labeled as "The Advocate," and have been described as "mysterious," "intuitive," and "emotionally intelligent," yet the type as a whole is often misunderstood.

Oh, and I am one. Perhaps you are, as well.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, created in the 1940's by mother and daughter, Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, originally stems from the typological theories of Carl Jung, a prominent psychoanalyst. The test assesses an individual in 4 categories: Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving, and using these criteria, determines which category one’s personality most tilts toward. INFJs would be those individuals whose personalities favor the sides of Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

INFJs can be difficult to spot due to the fact that they are not prevalent in society and tend to be reserved individuals. However, INFJs make fiercely loyal friends, empathetic and organized workers, and exceptional leaders for causes they deem worthy and for the greater good of humanity.

INFJs often report feeling lonely and "different," and for good reason. INFJs are low in numbers so they tend to have trouble finding others who see the world in the same realm as they do. Most people who are this type have admitted feeling different from their peers since they were a very young child.

INFJs take an all-or-nothing approach to life. INFJs, a curious mix of emotional and logical, do not like to waste their time on anything inauthentic. Although they may dabble with playing the field, INFJs are truly about quality over quantity and will become disinterested in anyone or anything they perceive as being fraudulent, scheming or wishy-washy.

INFJs exude warmness, and others immediately feel comfortable in their presence. It is not uncommon for a stranger to sit down next to an INFJ and within minutes, disclose their most personal secrets, fears and dreams. In fact, this happens frequently to INFJs with seemingly no rhyme or reason. This personality type has a knack for making others immediately feel at ease, and they are great listeners and trusted confidants who speak in human terms and meet others where they are.

INFJs are somewhat empathic, and they tend to "just know" things. One of my favorite one-liners from Game of Thrones is by the character, Tyrion Lannister, "I drink and I know things," and this can often be said of an INFJ, with maybe fewer libations. INFJs have a highly-accurate sense of intuition that they have been sharpening for all of their lives. Without understanding exactly why or how, an INFJ will see, within minutes of meeting an individual, their true character. As a result, they tend to be more forgiving of their friends who exhibit unruly behavior because they can identify the true root of the behavior, such as insecurities or past trauma.

INFJs ultimately seek genuine truth and meaning. This personality type does not care one iota about grandiose tales or extravagant gestures if there is not a true and genuine motive behind them. An INFJ’s calling in life is to seek insight and understanding, and as they develop, they often can spot a lie or half-truth in a moment's notice. If they believe an individual to be a phony or a manipulator, they will have no trouble writing them off. Likewise, this type often enjoys traveling, adventures and experiences that heighten their understanding of the intricacies of life and promote self-reflection.

INFJs are true introverts, yet people not very close to them believe them to be extroverts. This happens because INFJs can be social chameleons and have an innate ability to blend in in any social setting. The INFJ can be the life of the party for a night or two, showcasing their inviting nature and vivaciousness. However, this is never prolonged because, in introverted-fashion, they lose energy from others. Those close to an INFJ know that this type prefers bars over clubs and barbecues over balls, and can give a speech to thousands of people but cringes at the idea of mingling with the crowd afterward. Eventually, this type will need to retreat home for some quiet time to "recharge their batteries," or they will become very on-edge and exhausted.

INFJs have intense, unwavering convictions, sometimes to a fault. An INFJ has certain ideas about the world and a need to foster change in society. These are deep-seated and intense beliefs that they will never abandon. If a career, relationship, or law does not align with their moral compass, an INFJ will have no qualms about ignoring it or leaving it in the dust.

INFJs tend to keep a small circle of friends and prefer to work alone. Although an INFJ may have hundreds of acquaintances, if they call you a "friend," you can be sure that they mean it for life. This type can count their close friends on a set of fingers and they will be loyal and devoted to these prized individuals no matter how much time passes between their interactions. An INFJ can be a great team player but the idea of group projects and collaboration meetings naturally make them sink down in their seat. These are people who enjoy working from home or in a quaint office with a handful of like-minded coworkers.

INFJs cannot stand small talk. This trait aligns with the need to pursue truth and all things bona fide. To an INFJ, small talk not only takes energy, but has little purpose as it is merely speaking to fill silence without revealing any deeper layers of the individuals involved. Do not talk to an INFJ about the weather unless you want to see a glazed-over look. Instead, tell them about the causes you are promoting, the wish-list of your soul, or the way you smile every time you smell lavender because it reminds you of your great grandmother.

INFJs are typically high-achievers and people-pleasers. If you want a task done right the first time, hand it over to an INFJ. They will plan every detail down to the minute and will always deliver a glowing finished product. However, when delivering criticism to this type, do it gently, as they take every word to heart and are always striving for perfection. This type is a unique blend of a dreamer and a doer, but they can easily fall prey to extreme bouts of anxiety or depression centered on feelings of inadequacy or failure.

INFJs are gifted in language and are often creative writers. In accordance with their introverted nature, INFJs prefer to spend time alone and develop enriched inner-lives with many hobbies and skills. This type has trouble conveying their emotions verbally, so they turn to pen and paper. This, combined with their creative nature, leaves no surprise that the majority of successful writers are, in fact, INFJs.

INFJs make decisions based off of emotion and insight. An INFJ judges the world around them and the people in it based off of how they make them feel. This type does not care about track records and performance history, instead they look for the heart of the matter and how a person or company treats them personally. This type will trust their "gut feeling" about a situation and go with that, which has almost always proven to be accurate.

INFJs like to reflect on deep thoughts about their purpose and the world around them. This type is a thinker. INFJs are old-souls who spend a lot of time in their own minds reflecting on their purpose and the meaning behind everything that happens to them. They are often readers, researchers and intellectuals who truly enjoy learning. Although this is a noble endeavor, it is essential that the INFJ has friends, typically of the extroverted type, who can help them to be less serious and relax every now and then.

INFJs are visionaries who always see the big picture. This type tends to always operate about ten steps ahead. They are skilled planners and focus their sights on the end goal and what is needed to propel them there. However, while INFJs are off in dreamland about their futures, they can sometimes forget to be present in the world that is happening now. As a result, they do well with other more grounded types who can remind them to live in the moment.

INFJs are "fixers," and they gravitate towards people who need help. This type loves a good fixer-upper and with their ability to see the "good bones" of another person, their true motives and intentions, and to readily provide comfort and compassion, they fall victim to the Broken Wing Theory, or the idea that they can rescue others who have a "broken wing," or who have been dealt a poor hand. This can be rewarding for the hopeful INFJ but also frustrating and depleting when boundaries are overstepped.

INFJs seek lifelong, true-blue relationships. This type usually finds themselves with intuitive extroverts, such as the ENTPs, ENFPs, and ENFJs. These types connect with the INFJ on the deeper plane of intuition, yet also will get the INFJ out of their own heads and out on the town on a Saturday night.

Think you might be an INFJ? Find out which type you are here: https://www.mbtionline.com/.

Cover Image Credit: www.pexels.com

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To My Unappreciated Coworker, Your Dedication Has NOT Gone Unnoticed

"You have been pushed around and taken for granted, and I sincerely hope our fellow employees will regret having treated you with such ungratefulness."

To my wonderful coworker,

Buckle up; it's about to get sappy. You're awesome. It's obvious you care about your work and exceed the expectations of the company. You go above and beyond to ensure our other colleagues and our supervisors are satisfied. You've done so much during your time in the workplace. You've made it more organized and more efficient. However, you and I both know that not everyone has seen this.

I've seen you literally clean up messes that our other coworkers had made, only to have those messes created again. No one noticed.

I've seen you get yelled at over the smallest things, while the lazy and/or irritating coworkers get special treatment no matter how they behave. No one noticed.

I've seen you put in extra hours, working yourself to the bone in order to keep our bosses happy, even if it meant putting your needs last. No one noticed.

I've seen you take heat from narcissistic, unbearable coworkers, and I've also seen you handle these people professionally and calmly. No one noticed.

You have been pushed around and taken for granted, and I sincerely hope our fellow employees will regret having treated with with such ungratefulness. I have no idea how you've managed to endure it all for so long. I know it takes a lot of patience and willpower.

Despite the poor treatment you've put up with, please know that your incredible performance has NOT gone unnoticed. I can see it clearly, unlike our blind coworkers. I've admired your dedication since day one. I know I'm just one person, but hey, it's better than nothing, right?

One of the things that has stood out the most was your desire to teach me how to do new tasks in our department. You taught me valuable skills that I should've learned way earlier in my employment period. I now know our department a lot better because of you, and I thank you for that.

You and I also work really well together (I don't think anyone has noticed this either). When we're scheduled at the same time, every task gets done on time and in an orderly fashion. We don't clash with each other and we work as a team. You are so focused on getting our work done, you don't even take time to use the bathroom (even though I bug you constantly to just GO).

Thank you for being easy to talk to. You and I have had endless conversations while working together. Whether we were venting about other coworkers or just about the hardships of life, I know it was nice for the both of us to have someone to talk to who would understand.

When the time comes for us to go in different directions, I will miss you very much. You taught me what being a good coworker means. Even if no one else took the time to notice the perks of having you around, know I appreciated you more than you will ever know.

Thank you for caring.



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