12 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Wanderlust On A Budget

12 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Wanderlust On A Budget

Your heart is telling you yes, but your bank account is telling you no.

Wanderlust is a strong, innate desire to rove or travel around. Having wanderlust can be a blessing and a nightmare all in once. It's totally OK to want to hop on a plane and fly away to a magical far away place and be your adventurous self, but when you only have $2 and some spare change in your wallet, the furthest you're getting is your backyard. It's hard to know that there is so much in the world to explore and so many beautiful places you can visit, but not having the means to do so. That doesn’t mean you have to stop clinching to your adventurous side. Here are 12 ways to embrace your inner wanderlust on a college budget.

1. Start local

2. Food

Eating food is always a good idea, but sometimes whipping up something new and enticing in the kitchen is just enough to satisfy your taste for adventure.

3. Learn a new language

Utilize your college courses. Learning a new language is definitely a great way to help you further explore your love for different cultures. You might not become fluent, but that Spanish I class could come in handy if you ever do take a trip to Barcelona.

4. Read a book

Reading is always an adventure so jump into a new journey about some enticing new place, and you’ll be able to escape without leaving the comfort of your bed.

5. Create a travel board

It's OK to dream about where you want to go, whether it’s a tropical beach or a winter wonderland. Get crafty and take your fav pictures of places you want to visit. Paste them on a canvas (hello cute dorm decoration!) or just make a Pinterest board to keep you inspired!

6. Drive anywhere

Sometimes hopping in the car and blasting your favorite T-Swift song is the best way to embrace your wanderlust. You will be surprised what beautiful things you will discover around you when you actually pay attention.

7. Get involved

Joining new clubs that are outside of your comfort zone and alien to you will help you fulfill all your cravings for something fresh and interesting.

8. New hobbies

Picking up a new hobby, like photography, will allow you to explore your undiscovered talents, while simultaneously allowing you to capture the beauty around you.

9. Friendships

Meeting people who share the same thirst for adventure as you will allow your passion for traveling thrive even more.

10. Savings jar

Creating a cute little savings jar (this is what mason jars are built for) that you throw your spare change in will allow you to keep your hope for adventure alive.

11. Study abroad

Studying abroad is something that most colleges offer, and many times, your tuition fees cover it. So not only do you get to spend a semester living in another country, but you also get to take classes and totally immerse yourself in another culture, without spending too much out of pocket. Who knows if you'll have the same freedom and limited responsibilities five years from now? Make sure to take advantage!

12. Give yourself a moment

Learn and take away from everything that you do. Have a conversation with a stranger about their life, listen and absorb and take time for yourself. Wanderlust is all about exploration, and if you can’t learn about what you truly love and who you are from exploring, there really is no purpose.

The struggle is real when you have wanderlust and no way to fulfill it financially. That doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your desires for exploration on a budget. So don’t forget about your dreams of adventure, and always keep them close. But if you can’t be a jetsetter, these things will definitely help you embrace your inner wanderlust without making your wallet cry. So go on and explore all the things this beautiful world has to offer!

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To The Senior Graduating High School In A Month

"What feels like the end, is often the beginning."

It wasn’t too long ago that I was in your shoes. Just a little over a year ago, I was the senior that had a month left. One month left in the hometown that I grew up in. One month left with the friends that I didn’t want to leave. One month left in the place that I had called “my school” for the past four years. You are probably thinking the same things I thought whenever it came down to only 30 days left. You’re probably scared, nervous, worried, or anxious. Maybe you’re like me and are dying to get out of high school, ready to start a new chapter. Or maybe you aren’t so ready yet. Maybe you’re wishing for a little more time.

As scary as it is, this month you have left will fly by. You’ll blink and you’ll be standing in your cap and gown, waiting for your name to be called to receive your diploma. You’ll look back on your last four years at your school and wonder why time went by so fast. It’ll be bittersweet. However, trust me when I say that you have so much to look forward to. You are about to begin taking the steps to build your future. You are going to grow and learn so much more than any high school class could teach you. You are going to meet amazing people and accomplish amazing things. So, as scared as you might be, I encourage you to take that first step out of your comfort zone and face this world head on. Chase your dreams and work towards your goals. You are smart. You are brave. You are capable of achieving amazing things. All your life, the lessons you have learned have prepared you for this point in your life. You are more than ready.

There are times when you will feel alone, scared, or confused. There are times when it won’t always be easy. But those are the times when you will shine the most because I know you will work through whatever problems you may face. Don’t think of the bad times as a terrible thing. Use them all as learning experiences. As author Joshua Marine once said, “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

You might think that this is the end. However, it’s not. This is only the beginning. Trust me when I say that the adventures and opportunities you are about to face are nothing compared to high school. Whether you are going to college, going to work, or something else, this is the beginning of your journey called life. It will be exciting, it will be terrifying, but it will all be worth it.

So, as you walk out of your high school for the very last time, I encourage you to take a deep breath. Relax. You’ll always have the memories to look back on from high school. But your time is now, it begins today. Embrace it.

Cover Image Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1152445/images/o-HIGH-SCHOOL-GRADUATION-facebook.jpg

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A Letter To My Friends When I'm Abroad

To some of the most important people in my life


Dear Friends,

I'm sure you know that studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially for me. The ability to immerse myself in a different country with different people, culture, and lifestyle will enable me to grow tremendously. And while you know how exciting this can be, it also causes me to feel a lot of confusing emotions. Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic to study abroad next semester, but as my departure date gets closer and closer, the reality of leaving also sets in. It is starting to hit me that I will be gone for an entire semester. It means that I won't be there for every wonderful thing you will experience in the fall, from movie nights to lunch dates to nights out.

In the next couple of weeks, I will have to exchange some goodbyes "see you later"s with you. And before the summer is over, I will be living in a new place for three and a half months...5,800 miles away. A part of me wonders how I will be able to handle the time and distance apart from you since you are some of the most important people in my life right now. Realistically, it may be difficult to communicate sometimes, but I hope this does not affect anything. I still want to hear about all your crazy stories, including funny stories from class, interesting questions you were asked on a tour, and whatever interesting events are happening on campus. Make sure to keep me in the loop. I hope you never forget that I am always a text away, and I expect to have some quality FaceTime sessions with you, no matter wherever you are in the world.

Although I know you are also upset to not see me for an entire semester, you are constantly supporting me. Just so you know, that support means the absolute world to me. Even though I may feel sad to leave Villanova for a semester, you keep me grounded, reminding me that studying abroad will be an amazing experience. You encourage me to live my best life abroad, and I know you will always be rooting for me despite the oceans that separate us. Just as I will be cheering for you nearly 6,000 miles away, ensuring that you too are living your best life.

Thank you for always believing in me.

With love,


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