It's no secret that high school and college are almost two different worlds. While each had their highs and lows, each holds a special place in our hearts for different reasons. When you're a senior in high school, college is almost intimidating. But once you get to college, you realize that you can get away with a lot of stuff that you couldn't in high school, such as chewing gum and eating in class. Here's 12 ways that college is way different than high school.

1) Homework

Instead of just having a few worksheets and maybe an essay due in a month, you now have HOURS of reading that you have to do and essays due within the next class periods. In high school if you missed a homework assignment it was okay, but in college if you miss a homework assignment it’s a huge problem.

2) Meals

Eat burgers and french fries everyday if you feel like it? Sure! Junk food becomes a bigger part of your diet because it’s cheaper and quicker to make than healthier foods are.

3) Professors

While teachers in high school were fairly strict, professors in college will often delve pretty deep into their personal lives and are fairly laid back for the most part.

4) Class

While in high school you knew most of your classmates, but in college it’s pretty common to not know many of your classmates at all, and to be friends with your classmates but not even know their name.

5) Friends

Luckily, college isn’t as cliquey as high school was. It’s pretty easy to make friends; people are nice for the most part.

6) Clubs

In high school, club meetings on or off campus were typically more than once a week and you went to as many as possible to build up your resume for college. For the most part, clubs in college are fairly flexible. Some clubs are definitely stricter than others, but it’s overall very doable. You also have a wide variety to choose from.

7) Grades

Slacking off in high school was pretty easy; you could still get a decent grade in a class if you failed a test or forgot a homework assignment. In college, if you slack off, it’s hard to catch back up. If you fail a test, you’re in trouble. Grades are significantly more important in college, as well as much harder to keep up.

8) Clothes

In high school, people would dress up a little bit. In college, the fashion is mostly sweatpants and a t-shirt.

9) Studying

In high school, you didn’t study as much as you probably should have. In college, it’s pretty common to pull an all-nighter studying for your upcoming exam.

10) Time Management

In high school, it was easy to manage time. In college, it’s crucial to use some form of a planner or else you’ll find yourself suddenly weeks behind.

11) Majors

The fact that you take the majority of your classes in one subject area is a huge difference between high school and college. In high school, you take a variety of classes.

12) Procrastination

In high school, it’s easy to procrastinate and still get by academically. In college, procrastinating is an extreme sport.

There's a lot more differences that I could have pointed out between high school and colleges. These are the major ones. Overall, if you're a senior entering college next year, don't be afraid of college. It's really not too bad of a place. You meet a lot of new people, and you can also study what you're genuinely interested in.