Let's face it, the last few weeks of spring semester are probably the worst time of the year. Between being forced to go to class when the weather is finally nice, cramming for finals, trying to pack up an entire room into a few bags to home, and being forced to separate from your best friends, it's truly just terrible. But, as horrible as it is for students, I'm sure it's even worse for professors. What better way to describe how they must be feeling than with the lovely and always sweet Gordon Ramsey.

1. Looking at your syllabus and realizing you don't remember learning half of the information that you supposedly covered

2.Realizing the final is cumulative

3. When your professor doesn't give you a study guide for the final

4. When you realize your final is scheduled for 8 am on a Saturday at the end of finals week

5. When you try and study but every table in the library is taken and there are no empty classrooms available

6. When you finally book an empty classroom but another group of kids try and claim that they booked it too

7. When you make it all the way across campus to your study spot and realize that you left your computer charger in your dorm

8. When the weather is finally nice but you are stuck inside studying

10. When you try and study with a group from your class and no one understands anything

11. When you try and give yourself a pep talk but know that you are about to bomb the exam

12. When someone finishes the exam in 30 minutes and you're still on the first page