12 Thought's Patriot's Fans Will Have While Watching The Super Bowl

Well, the playoffs are over, and we're down to the New England Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on February 4th. Being from New England, I've noticed a sort of pattern with several Pats games.

Here are 12 thoughts New England's Fans might just be having during The Super Bowl... if all goes well...

1. Here we go again

Although some fans will be humble, most are ready to brag and boast the minute that the Pats win the Super Bowl. Because hey, were we really expecting anything less?

2. In Tom We Trust

Many fans will take to social media to praise Belichick, Kraft, and, of course, New England's Lord and Savior; Tom Brady. Pats fans want him rested, they want him happy, and they want him to do his job just like always as the Super Bowl begins.

3. Let's avoid injuries today boys

No one wants to see a player get seriously injured, and in the Super Bowl especially, the last thing any fan wants is to see a possibly win-threatening injury.

4. Okay off to a rocky start... we all know where this is going

Many Pats games start out this way; the other team scores, the Pats fan's confidence gets knocked down for a second, but then they think to themselves that "Tom Brady doesn't know how to lose... it's comeback time."

5. This is a joke, right?

"Okay HA HA boys it's been funny but let's wake up now and play the game." Panic sets in in New England.

6. I NEED my $0.87 dunks tomorrow.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee is $0.87 the day after the Pats win... and it's New England...need I go on?


Tom Brady... thank you, thank you, and thank you. Brady is and always will be a King to New Englander's.

8. Okay this is possible we're New England WE CAN DO THIS

Back to that confidence thing...when it comes to sports... New England's got that in the bag.

9. Thank you Refs.

Couldn't do it without ya. (Sorry, had to)


A miracle yet again? We think yes.

11. One for the... other thumb?


12. I love New England.

Excitement for the Pat's parade is already settling in, and you've never been more proud to come from New England.

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