We have all been there.

The time comes every few weeks for college students.


We know they're coming. They're all stated clearly in the syllabus. But we always neglect them until the weekend (or night) before.

Then it's a race to cram several weeks of material into a few days and nights (or maybe just a night).

It's tiring. It's hard. It's dreadful.

It seems no one only one who really knows how hard your course is or how tough your professor may be.

That is except Disney. Because they know all because of magic, duh.

They just get us. Somehow their characters relate all too well to college students cramming for exams.

1) *Looks over study guide.* "Wow. I only know the answer to Name: ________."

Yeah, I should have done the assigned reading.

2) *Your 'friend' from class texts you for the answers to the study guide.* "UMM...."

Try someone else, girlfriend. This isn't my first rodeo.

*Someone says, "don't worry.* "YEAH RIGHT."

NO WORRIES?? Said no college student, EVER. Last time I checked, Timon or Pumba weren't concerned with things such as a GPA.

3) "I haven't left the library in 63.5 hours."

Friends? Family? Are you still out there?

4) "I know I went to class but I don't know anything."

Somehow everything looks foreign. I don't think I'm taking a Japanese class.. or am I?

5) "Maybe I could run away."

SOS: Someone call Buzz Lightyear. Homeboy can get me from infinity and beyond.

6) "Tears? These aren't tears. They're liquid dread, disappointment, and fear."

They say crying solves nothing. But the tears keep rolling.

7) "I can't do this."

Fish might swim in schools. But Dory clearly knows nothing about college. IM DROWNING.

8) "Wow, I love caffeine. I feel so alive."

When you start feeling like Stich at 2:45 am, you know you've had one (or 5) too many cups of coffee.. or diet coke (maybe even both).

9) "Why am I laughing?? My GPA is DEAD."

When all your problems somehow become funny... Or maybe it's all the caffeine and sleep deprivation.

10) "Will I make it through this? Will this be the end of me? I guess I could always live under a bridge."

There are some nice bridges.

11) "How have I studied for 91.7482 hours and I'm still clueless."

We've got a whole lot more to worry about than "getting our head in the game," Troy Bolton.

12) "Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good student you always had to be, study, don't sleep.. please let it snow..."

There comes a point in studying when you just have to LET IT GO and pray Jesus takes the wheel.. or better yet the pencil.

In all seriousness, exams suck. But we are strong, smart, determined individuals who can conquer whatever is thrown at us. So keep on studying, pumping in caffeine, and doing your best. Christmas break is upon us, it is on the very near horizon.


Unless your professor looks like this...

Then.. Well. I know where a few nice bridges are...