12 Things That Everyone Looks Forward To During The Holidays

12 Things That Everyone Looks Forward To During The Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

With finals coming to an end, school closing for winter break, and everyone racing to the airport to make their flights, everyone has one thing on their mind: winter break. Winter break is full of smiles, love and holiday spirit! What isn't there to look forward to when the most wonderful time of the year is so close?

1. Being with your family.

No one wants to celebrate the holidays alone. This means that this time of the year is the biggest traveling time of the year because everyone wants to be with his or her family and loved ones during the holidays.

2. Cooking with loved ones.

Making delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy for either Christmas or Hanukkah, the kitchen is going to be full of people cooking and the house is going to smell fantastic during this time of year. That one holiday dinner when the whole family comes together to celebrate is always the most memorable.

3. No school.

School's out for a couple weeks thanks to the holiday season! All the students out there look forward to this time of the year because not only is it a nice long break from school, but the holidays make it an even better break!

4. Shopping for holiday gifts.

For your boyfriend or girlfriend, best friends, siblings, parents or extended family, you face the crowds at the malls during the busiest shopping time of the year. Everyone is on a mission to find a perfect gift for everyone they love, and the malls are always packed. You are lucky enough if you find a parking spot even in the furthest corner of the parking lot.

5. Decorating the house.

Putting up lights to light up the whole house, decorating the fireplace for all the presents to arrive, having that holiday feel to the house is the one thing that people look forward to when it comes to decorating. Turing on lights that remind you of the holidays makes you feel all warm and happy inside knowing that the holidays are so close!

6. Presents.

Now, who doesn’t like presents? All the presents you can think of you get to open on the morning of Christmas and eight days of presents for Hanukkah? Love me some presents, am I right?

7. Holiday movies on television.

…AKA, 25 days of Christmas on ABC. Everyone looks forward to those Christmas movies that make everyone’s holiday. Whether they are old or fairly new, animated or not, each movie is so enjoyable to watch while sipping on hot chocolate.

8. Holiday desserts.

You all probably know what I am referring to here: those little square sugar cookies that represent all the holidays on each one of them. They are literally the best cookies out there and you cannot resist nibbling on the cookie dough!

9. Holiday drinks.

One word: Starbucks. The holidays are almost here and the Starbucks holiday drinks have arrived. Basically anything that has peppermint in it is a holiday drink to me.

10. Candy Cane Lane.

Driving down that one street with every house decorated is one of the most exciting way to get into the holiday spirit! Everyone is either walking down the street enjoying all the decorations or driving down the street while blasting Christmas music. These people go all out on decorating their homes to wow everyone who comes to enjoy their decorations.

11. Holiday music.

Enough said. Everyone instantly starts to sing along to all those holiday songs when they are heard. “All I Want for Christmas is You.” “Hanukkah oh Hanukkah, Come Light the Menorah…”

12. Being in the holiday spirit.

What is there to not like about the holidays? Everyone has something to look forward to during this time of year and being in that holiday spirit is the first step to enjoying this time of year.

This is the time that everyone refers to as “the best time of the year!”

Be with your family, celebrate the holidays, and share the love!

Happy holidays!

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Spring Seems To Think It's Winter And It's Literally Ruining My Life

Cold weather just won't quit.

It's halfway through April and Spring can't figure out what it's doing. I thought by now the weather would be warmer like in previous years. After all, May is just around the corner. Yet some days I go to sleep unsure of what tomorrow will be like out. For a lot of people this is their favorite season of the year but with global warming spring seems to keep getting pushed back and intertwining with summer. So the time they look forward to all year gets prolonged. And if you're like me and have pollen allergies then you already hate spring with a passion. You have enough to worry about what with sneezing and your eyes swelling up after being out exposed to the pollen.

When this time comes around I just think "okay, let's just get through this summer like be here soon." But now with 2018 winter-like temperatures of 40-50's still being present this late in April is too much. I was fine with it if that meant some rainy days and a low pollen count but over the weekend it finally hit me.

The unpredictable weather caught up to me and I got sick. It's happened before where hot and cold temperatures mix and cause you to change in the process. I'm talking about going from jackets and sweaters to a simple blouse or shirt in a matter of just a few days. Lately I feel like it has been worse the other day I went into class wearing a light jacket; as soon as I walked out of class the temperature had reached the high 70's.

Though I always check the weather before walking out in the morning it's not enough; you simply can't rely on the weather app (at least not while this is happening).

As I was saying before, getting sick any time is the worst but when your sinuses are already reacting to the after effects of pollen it's horrible. You can take medication and try to stay warm up sometimes when you're walking out into 70-degree weather it's hard to. Sometimes you don't know when the pollen is affecting you and when the cold has taken over. I even did some spring cleaning it worked for a day the next day I was back to feeling worse than ever.

I guess it's all a waiting game now and bearing it out until May after finals are over. In the meantime, I really hope the spring weather will overshadow the winter-like weather. For anyone else, just know you're not alone.

Cover Image Credit: Orange Umbrella Free Tour Warsaw

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21 Signs You’re Shore You’re 100 Percent A Beach Girl

"Let's go to the beach!" is always the answer.

The countdown to summer has begun! It may be only April, but you're ready for sunny days, trips to the beach, and the smell of sunscreen. Your friends say you practically live in the water (real-life mermaid?). Who can blame you? Summer is the best time of the year, and we shorely can't wait for it to be here! You're 100 percent a beach girl if...

1. Your favorite scent is sunscreen.

When you smell coconuts, chemicals and a little bit of Coppertone, you're automatically in beach mode. Putting on sunscreen isn't a chore for you.

2. Every college break is a vacation.

You never miss out on a chance to sit in the sun with your toes in the sand. Snow and negative temperatures? An indoor sandbox, fan, and sparkly drink will do

3. Your laptop background is of a beach, sunny quote or the like.

Chemistry lecture got you down? No worries, you look at your laptop background and are automatically transported to paradise.

4. Your hair care routine includes only one product: salt spray.

When you can't get natural, salty tresses from the ocean, you opt for sprays, mousses, creams, ANYTHING that'll replicate your favorite messy look.

5. You wear sandals (or Birkenstocks) all the time.

You'd never be caught without open-toed shoes (even when there are two feet of snow outside).

6. Your closet is all shades of blue and tan.

To replicate the beach, of course!

7. You carry around beach bags like a purse.

Why swap out your beach bag for a purse when summer is only 5 months away?

8. Your toes are always beach-ready.

You never know when the time will come to head to the beach.

9. You listen to classic beach music.

Did anyone say, The Beach Boys? Anytime is a perfect time to blast your favorite classic, groovy tunes.

10. You keep your bathing suit with you all the time.

At home? In your car? In your purse? You can always find a swimsuit on hand.

11. Your favorite Starbucks drink is a refresher.

With the sparkling water, juice and floating fruit, a Starbucks refresher reminds you of summer and the beach. It's a summer day in a sip.

12. You own those huge floaties for no reason.

You don't have a pool or live by a beach, but you always have to be prepared...right?

13. Ariel is your favorite Disney princess.

She lives in the ocean and spends time on the beach. Name a better life.

14. Your sunglasses are on at all times.

Night or day, you wear your sunglasses. Always beach ready.

15. There's sand in your car. Always.

You can't escape it. It's the glitter of the beach.

16. You start bathing suit shopping in January.

You stalk the sale rack and wait for the next big release of swimsuits before the summer even begins.

17. Every day of summer is a beach day.

Your besties are so annoyed with you by the end of the summer, but you can't help it, you need to go to the beach.

18. You freak out in winter.

Five months without the sun? You might lose your gorgeous sun tan or, god forbid, those endless tan lines.

19. You want a beach wedding.

Who wants to celebrate indoors on their wedding day? Not you! You'd rather soak up the sun and enjoy some rays at your favorite place on earth.

20. Your favorite movie is "Aquamarine" or "Soul Surfer."

Your movie of choice at every sleepover.

21. Your ultimate goal is to become a mermaid.

You can't imagine wanting to be anything else.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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