Being short comes with the territory of struggles and comments on a day to day basis. But what height doesn’t? I am a whole 4 feet and 11 inches tall, but I am still capable of doing anything the average height person can do. Of course with a help from a step stool, kitchen tools, phone books, and heels, I can do anything. I welcome the humorous comments! Any new ones, I welcome with open arms. But these 12 things will drive any person who is below the average height bananas!

1. How you doing down there?

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Normally my response is, "yeah how you doing up there?". Because we are probably both just fine.

2. Need help with that?

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Asking someone if they need help is fine as long as you're not hinting that we can't do it without you. Because trust me, we can..even if a ladder or step stool is needed.

3. Wow, you are super short.

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4. You make a great armrest!

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*slowly moves away*, yeah just don't do it.

5. What is your actual height?

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If I had a dollar every time I heard this one, I'd be living in a mansion by now.

6. Did you gain some weight?

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You shouldn't ask this to anyone anyways, but we all know you can tell if a single pound is added to someone who is short. So just leave it alone.

7. Can you even drive?

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No, i just carry a license and own a car for fun.

8. Can you even see over the steering wheel?

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No I just make sure I cannot see and hit everything in site.

9. Again how tall are you?

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My answer is probably the same from the last time you asked me that...

10. You should really wear heels often.

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Yeah you too, lets live with the pain together.

11. Wow you’re seat is pulled all the way up to the steering wheel.

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Wow! No Way! I never noticed that one!

12. Are you tall enough to go on roller coasters?

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Eh I may or may not be. You may never know...

Anyone who is short, is not incapable of accomplishing day to day basic activities like the next person. Yes you may see me using a step stool just to get my clothes out of my closet, kitchen tongs to reach something in the top cabinet, or heels to look a little taller next to my family members. But I can still get these activities done. The advantages of being short outweigh the negatives with the ability of almost never hitting my head on anything, being able to fit my whole body on a couch without curling up, or still being able to play on the monkey bars without touching the ground. So this one is for all my fellow shorties out there. Together we can stand tall...if we all stack up on each other...