If we are honest with ourselves, we stay inside most of the summer. I leave the house for work, to go see friends (sometimes), and go to summer classes. Think about it, how many times have you sat with a friend and asked "what should we do"? Also, how many times did you just end up doing nothing because it took too long? I can say this happens to me all the time. Here are some things you can do with friends, especially if you live in a boring town.

1. Take photos.

They don't have to go on Instagram. They don't have to be basic. Just take pictures of anything - each other, outside, objects you find. It doesn't have to be perfect. Art is whatever you want it to be.

2. DIY

Go on Pinterest and YouTube and find some cute, cheap DIY projects! The internet is full of creative ideas. You can make any DIY project a little differently and add your own taste to it!

3. Go outside.

Yeah, it sounds scary. It really isn't though. Go outside and get some Vitamin D and a nice tan!

4. Walk around another town.

I'm from a town where we didn't have a proper downtown. Our "downtown" consists of the city hall, library, and the new courthouse. Needless to say, we would find cute downtown areas nearby and go there for the day. It was always fun!

5. Look for fairs in the area.

Art fairs are so fun! Walking around and people watching is fun too, if art isn't your thing. People create some pretty amazing things and you get the chance to support local artists.

6. Plan a fake vacation.

It's fake! Don't even look at prices. It doesn't matter that you may never go on it (but maybe you will, who knows?).

7. Play a game.

Grab a ball and play catch. If you don't want to go outside, then stay in and find a mindless board game to play! Turn on some music and just hangout.

8. Go to any store, why not?

Drive around and when you decide to stop in somewhere, maybe you will find something you or your friend can't live without.

9. Discover new music and make a playlist.

Thanks to the internet, Spotify and other streaming services have made it simple to find new music. Go digging and listen to new things! Make a collaborative playlist with your friend and then you both can jam out to your new favorite songs!

10. Online "shop."

Like the vacation, don't look at the price. Maybe you can chip away at your new wishlist once you get paid more! Go crazy!

11. Call another friend.

If you have a mutual friend, maybe they will be down to go to the movies with you or somewhere else. Maybe the three of you can hangout and make it a new tradition to do during the summer, you never know!

12. Make a bucket list.

I'm not gonna lie, I like making them even without friends. Make a summer themed bucket list if you want. You can make one with your friend or make them separately and bounce ideas off one another.