12 Things You Need to Survive Finals

12 Things You Need to Survive Finals

You Got This

Ok. So it's finals seasons. You just got off Thanksgiving break and for some reason, all of your professors thought you'd enjoy a distraction from your family and gave you assignments you haven't finished. Your deadlines and exam dates are looming ever nearer. Let's face it, you're freaking out. The first step is to take a deep breath. I've got you covered. Here's a list of what you need to survive finals.

1. Schedule.

Even if you're a person who doesn't use a planner at school you should write out your final's schedule. Obviously, this will help you because now you'll know when they are and won't miss them. But also you'll be better at time management. You'll know how much time you have to study for what.

2. Study groups.

If you know anyone else in the class ask if they want to study together. Even if you don't know anybody in the class still ask. Somebody else in the class is bound to want to study in a group too.

3. Coffee.

Trust me. You'll need the energy.

4. Snacks.

While you've got yourself buried in your work it'll be good to not have to stop when you're on a roll to get food because you are hungry.

5. Comfy clothes.

Make things easier for yourself. You're stressed and probably tired, why not be comfortable too?

6. A great study playlist.

Get your head in the game!

7. Sleep.

As much as you'll want to pull an all-nighter and keep studying for your exam or writing your paper sleep is important. Your memory WILL suffer if you don't. Your writing WILL suffer if you don't. Sleep.

8. Breakfast.

Even if you're not a person who eats breakfast every morning having the energy and food in your stomach will help. If your final is early in the morning grab a pop-tart or something from a vending machine and eat it on your way.

9. The do not disturb setting on your phone.

Just let everyone know that you're studying for finals and I'm sure they'll understand and probably won't be mad that you're not texting back.

10. A quiet place to study.

Whether you're in a group or it's just you trying to focus in a noisy or busy room is going to be difficult. Find a quiet place on campus and you'll be able to focus much better.

11. Go to class and ask questions.

I know it's the end of the semester and you might be losing steam and motivation but don't. I know it's cold outside. I know you're tired. I know your bed's really comfortable. But you've worked so hard. You owe it to yourself to finish strong. I recommend not giving yourself an inch of wiggle room. Go. To Class. Make sure to ask the professor questions, it shows them you're paying attention, that you want to learn, that you're interested and that you want to do well.

15. Relax.

Do whatever you have to relax. Whether that's taking a nap or working out or reading something that's not school work or calling a friend. Take a deep breath. Make a list of things you have to do and check them off one at a time. Don't look at everything as one big thing you have to do. That can be really scary and panicking won't help you get anything done any faster.

You got this! You've made it this far. You're in the home stretch. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You're so close. And then you'll get to enjoy the holidays, see your friends and family, eat good food, and sleep in.

Good luck!

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Host Families Are The Best When Going Abroad

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A host family is a family who takes in young people, who left their country to work or study abroad, for a certain time. Obviously, a host family is not a must. If you don't feel it, you can rent an apartment and that's totally fine. However, I would like to tell you today why I think a host family is one of the best things while going abroad.

First of all, you learn the foreign language a lot better. I mean, that's one of the reasons for going abroad, right? You want to improve that language you've been studying at home. And there is no better way than to speak it every day with native speakers. And that's what your host family offers you. Living together, communication is a necessity, and thus the best motivation to improve your language skills!

Second, when living with a host family you get to try the traditional dishes of the country. In my opinion, the cuisine is a very important part of a country's culture. It's thus a huge difference if you go abroad and keep on cooking your stuff from home, or whether you experience a new culture through their nutrition. Take the chance and get to know new recipes, new spices, and new dishes. It's so exciting!

Third, a host family is the best place to get to know the culture of a foreign country. You'll learn all about their holidays, celebrations and traditions not simply by listening about them but by living them! Your host parents will make you part of the preparations and you get to ask questions throughout the whole experience. There is no better option to get to learn about a culture!

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If you want to apply for a semester or internship abroad and didn't consider a host family at all, do it now. Those of you who already have been through the experience of going abroad and living with a host family know what I'm talking about. I definitely can say that my host families became friends for life and I'm infinitely grateful for the help and warmth they offered me.

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