12 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother
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12 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother

Let's face it, you are your mother's daughter.

12 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother
Hollywood Reporter

People always told me, “One day you’re going to wake up, look in the mirror, and say to yourself, ‘I am my mother.’” Rolling my eyes (and casually glancing in the nearest mirror), it used to be easy to reply, “Please, that day will never come.” Well, it did, but the emotions I expected to feel never arose. Instead of dread because of premature aging or embarrassment stemming from motherly qualities, I was proud. Proud and excited. Proud, excited, and honored to have the opportunity to be even half as incredible as my mom. May we all stand together and embrace the ways in which our mothers shape us, determining to touch others the way they have touched us.

1. You’ve become the mom of your friend group.

2. You talk to those younger than you the way your mom talks to you.

3. When people can guess who your mom is the first time they meet you.

4. You both have the same hairstyle.

5. You start to borrow your mother’s clothes and dress similarly.

6. People greet you both with, “You two look like sisters!”

7. You sound identical on the phone.

8. The fact that you’ve adopted her sayings from the ‘80s doesn’t help.

9. You’ve started to hang around her friends just as much as your own.

10. You preface every piece of advice with, “My mom told me once …”

11. You tell everyone she’s your best friend.

12. You appreciate her more than ever before.

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