When you first visit New York the main form of transportation is the subway, and this is great until it isn't. You have to follow a set of rules so there isn't anyone that wants to strangle you. Rules make the world go round especially when everything you do effects the people around you. Just follow the rules and everything will be great.

1. Getting on

When getting on a train, as a rule of thumb let people get off the train before you try to get on!

2. Using the pole

The pole is not a toy, treat is with respect. When using the pole make sure you leave enough room for other people, so they don't go flying at a turn or stop.

3. Don't use your phone

Sometimes you will get service on a train, but just don't use your phone, no one cares about your conversation. You aren't that popular anyway.

4. Don't man spread

Seriously just condense yourself so that you can allow others to sit around you. Hey you might even score a date with the girl who sits down!

5. Not a food court

Wait to eat all of your food when you get home. The train already smells awkward enough don't make it worse.

6. Not a salon

No one needs to watch you cut your toenails, or brush your teeth, or comb your hair. Just wait until you get home to do these things.

7. Don't feel obligated

Just because people performed, does not mean you have to give them money, if you want to save that dollar for taco bell go ahead.

8. Stay Vigilant

Just stay aware of everything around you, so that you don't lose any of your valuables.

9. Stand behind the yellow!

Standing on this no go zone, does not make you some sort of revolutionary rebel, it makes you a dumbass. Im pretty sure Instagrammers don't care about this "rebellion"

10. Don't cheat the fare

I don't care what kind of rush you are in, just pay the bloody fare like everyone else, and get on the train. You are not special bub!

11. Keep it together

Just make yourself compact and keep all your belongings together. This way no one will trip and die, and you won't feel guilt for eternity. Don't go out a restless spirit, keep it tight.

12. Getting off the train

It is quick and painless, you get up and you use your two legs. You step off and walk up the stairs, or down the stairs to your destination. Done. That's it! Don't get mugged. Have fun now.