1. You can set as many alarms as you want, but you’ll probably still snooze all of them.

The night before it seems like an excellent idea to set three alarms to make sure you wake up on time, but once morning rolls around you want to throw your alarm clock or phone across the room. Nonetheless, setting multiple alarms is the only way you’ll get out of bed.

2. Breakfast? Never have time for that.

The dream is to wake up with enough time to make some eggs and toast, sit down, and sip on a cup of coffee. But is it realistic? No. The likelihood of this happening is slim to none if you enjoy your sleep. For a lot of non-morning people, a few more minutes of sleep is easily prioritized over a fulfilling breakfast.

3. Comfy clothes are a necessity... anything remotely close to pajamas will do.

If you can wear sweatpants, you will. No questions asked.

4. If you can make it to your 8 am class in 2 minutes, you will leave at 7:58 on the dot.

Being early for class just isn’t on the agenda. People who love their sleep will wait until the very last second to leave.


Waking up to sunshine sounds great, but not when you despise mornings. Blackout blinds are a fantastic investment if you’re a sleepy head.

6. "Five more minutes" always turns into 15.

That moment when you hit snooze knowing that you have just a little more time to sleep is the BEST. It's not the best when you proceed to sleep for another 15, though. Those final moments before class consist of frantically running around until you gather up your belongings- or at least some of them.

7. Sleeping in the clothes you plan to wear the following day just to maximize sleep.

We’ve all done it at least once… don’t deny it.

8. I’m not mad; I'm just tired. Please don’t converse with me before 11 am.

Don’t take it personally! It’s hard to smile and run into class when you woke up just five minutes ago. Unless a coffee is in hand, its best to not spark conversation.

9. No matter how much water you splash on your face, your eyes are still puffy.

No matter what you do to make yourself appear “awake,” you will probably still look like your head just came off a pillow. And no, brushing your hair isn’t always a part of the morning routine.

10.Tossing a cup in the Keurig the night before makes the next morning a bit more bearable.

COFFEE! Nothing is better than some pre-sleep preparation for your morning. To-go cups are everything when you're a last minute-late sleeper. Stock up, friends.

11. Participating in your first morning class… doesn’t happen.

To the professors who wonder why I am silent before 10:00 am, my sincerest apologies. It’s hard to form comprehensive sentences while your head is constantly bobbing.

12. Sprinting up the steps to your 8 am and trying to casually stroll into class as if you aren’t short of breath.

It’s always the early classes that are the farthest from your dorm, and due to that “on-time” turns into two minutes late… every… single… class. Four flights of steps don't sound terrible, but when you are half asleep your body feels as if it just ran a 5k.