Every lazy girl knows the struggle of being in college and finding ways to go about their day. It is never easy when you are forced to leave your dorm room and be proactive when all you want to is stay cozy and warm in your bed all day.

These 12 things are what every lazy college girl has probably already done, or will do in college:

1. Not Washing Your Hair For Days, So Instead You Wear A Hat To Hide Your Greasiness

2. Finding An Excuse To Nap Every Minute Of The Day

3. Procrastinate your Work As Much As Possible Then Cry When You Realize You Have To Get It Done

4. Eat All The Snacks In Your Room, Or Have Food Delivered Because You Are Too Lazy To Walk To The Dining Hall

5. Waiting Until You Have The Last Pair of Underwear To Do Laundry

6. Skip Class, Then Feel Guilty About Skipping Class, But Eventually Skip The Same Class Again

7. Sleep In Your Makeup And Wake Up With Mascara Down Your Face

8. Going Everywhere in Sweats and A Baggy T-Shirt Unless You Are Forced To Wear Something Decent

9. Never Taking The Stairs Anywhere and Walking Straight To The Elevator

10. Laugh When Someone Asks You To Go To The Gym With Them

11. Feel Guilty About Staying In Bed and Watching Netflix, But Continue Doing It Anyway

12. Have A Conversation With Yourself That You Will Stop Being Lazy, But You Know You Will Never Change

Being a lazy girl is hard enough, but when you're in college, it's even harder. Every lazy girl should stay true to who they are without ever changing themselves.

Stay lazy and be proud!