12 Interior Design Tips for Those Who Want to Be Different
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12 Interior Design Tips for Those Who Want to Be Different

Avoid using sets and kits.

12 Interior Design Tips for Those Who Want to Be Different

We will show you how to make the interior unique and non-trivial without contacting designers or incurring exorbitant costs.

View of Notre Dame from Port Henry IV in Paris by Helene Funke Lavelart

Unique print on canvas: View of Notre Dame from Port Henry IV in Paris from Lavelart

1.Treat the mass market with caution

The mass market is convenient because of its predictable quality, reasonable prices, and expected assortment. However, if you want a one-of-a-kind interior, not all products from hypermarkets for the home will work for you.

IKEA and other similar stores should not be used to purchase expressive furniture and decor with a recognizable, catchy design. However, simple, concise background furnishings are possible.

Unique Interesting Canvas Prints For Home Decoration Lavelart

2.Avoid using sets and kits.

Try not to buy ready-made sets and sets of furniture, towels, vases, caskets, and figurines: they scream strain and replication from a mile away. Make your own stylish expositions by combining furniture and decor.

3.Include vintage decoration

Retro interior design elements are now popular, and they help to create a special, genuine, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

4. Produce

Make your own furniture, decor, and accessories: such items are, by definition, one-of-a-kind. They also store the warmth of your hands.

5. Make modifications

Are you not prepared for pure creativity? Refine the mass market by changing the handles, removing shelves, tightening the wheels, adding lighting, painting (in whole or in part), and aging. Even the replicated object will become something unique as a result of such manipulations.

6. Combine styles

Avoid the temptation to copy popular stylistic and color schemes. Mix styles, or at the very least incorporate small elements of other styles into the main one.

7. Value manual labor

Handmade items guarantee that no one else will have a similar one. There are numerous Russian and international websites where master craftsmen sell their wares: take a closer look at them to make your interior even more unique.

8. Make your hobbies visible in your surroundings.

Personalization of the interior is a sure way to set it apart from the crowd. Try to incorporate objects that reflect your hobbies into the environment: display mini-collections, awards and diplomas, a selection of music records, books, magazines, and so on.

Tower of The Koutoubia Mosque Print by Winston Churchill Lavelart

Rare print: Tower of The Koutoubia Mosque Winston Churchill from Lavelart

9. Put items to other uses

You add zest to the space by using objects that are not intended for their intended purpose. A kettle in place of planters, suitcases in place of storage boxes, a bench in place of a banquette, wall shelves in place of bedside tables — if a functional solution appears unexpected and non-obvious, it only plays into the hands of your interior designer.

10. Bring home souvenirs from your travels

Bring decorative trinkets, textiles, and accessories from your foreign travels to make the situation more interesting and unique. It will also serve as a visual reminder of the vacation, eliciting pleasant memories.

11. Consult with kids

In some cases, the youngest members of the family understand much better than adults. At the very least, their perspective on interior design is not clouded by conventions and is not constrained by frames.

12. Don't overlook the holiday decorations.

Decorate for the season and holidays: this is a quick and low-cost way to diversify the interior, please the household, and transform even a neutral environment.

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