Around the middle of every semester, college students everywhere begin receiving emails about picking classes for the following semester. With this, comes the anticipatation, frustration and confusion of the class registration process. You begin to realize how you thought creating a class schedule in high school was difficult, and regret taking the simpler times for granted. Here’s 12 things that happen during the class registration process.

1. You start by getting multiple emails reqiuring you to meet with your advisor to be cleared for registration.

2. And you realize you don’t actually remember who your advisor is or where their office is located.

3. Once you actually make it there to sign up for a meeting, all the good times are taken. Sunday night at 9 p.m. it is!

4. You try to prepare beforehand by making a list of classes you’ll want to take.

5. During the meeting, your whole plan goes to sh*t and you leave questioning everything about your life.

6. The day finally comes when you get emailed with your registration group number and time.

7. And, of course, you were assigned the worst time on the last day. Perfect.

8. You spend days entering course ID’s, searching for required classes that arent already full.

9. And come up with a few schedules that you wont totally hate.

10. You’d even have time to grab lunch between classes … imagine that.

11. If you’re lucky, registration goes smoothly and you get into all the classes you needed on the days/times you wanted.

12. If you have luck like mine, most of the good times for the classes you need are full, and you end up with an 8 a.m. on Fridays and somehow in an engineering course as a business major.

As the day approches, I wish college students everywhere a quick and easy registration process. May the odds be ever in your favor!