12 Fireworks You Saw This New Year's Eve

12 Fireworks You Saw This New Year's Eve

2017 started off with an explosive blast around the world — complete with these 12 classic fireworks as the main event.

When 2017 New Year's celebrations lit up the skies around the globe, there were 17 particular fireworks you may have seen — from the classic home-starter flares to the massively impressive national explosions in person or on TV. Which was your favorite?

1. Peony

This burst of sparks is classic party-starter at every New Year's celebration around the world.

2. Chrysanthemum

The peony's counterpart is the chrysanthemum — an elegant array of ombre shades.

3. Crossette

This multi-faceted firework deserves an in-person double-take, for no picture or video can do justice to the real thing.

4. Girandola

It's brighter than we would expect a future beyond 2016 to be.

5. Skyrocket

As 2016 comes to a jolting end, 2017 begins with a tiny spark.

6. Comet

Light up the sky with this spectacular row of comets, and your neighbors will be left in awe. Just be sure to aim away from their yards.

7. Roman Candle

Short, strong and straightforward form of entertainment for the night. Often sighted in 'murica.

8. Pearls

A classy counterpart for the British and French.

9. Fountain

An affordable old-timer that runs for a good two to three minutes before fizzing out — great for people with little kids who want an eye-level star show.

10. Ground Spinners

Here's another staple to add to the neighborhood-firework-show-pack.

11. Sparklers

Are you on a budget but need some shine to celebrate the new year with a sparkly stick of which you'll post a pic on Facebook later to commemorate the "new" you? Then this is just the item for you!

12. Parachute

Bright parachutes (pictured left) and colorful smokebombs (pictured right) are a great overdue, last-minute way to celebrate New Year's in the daytime of the New Year. For those zealous pre-prepared folks, these two "fireworks" were just for warming up on New Year's Eve.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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