You are all missed dearly


1. Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy

Dear Shonda Rhimes, I will forever be heartbroken over the loss of the beloved McDreamy. Derek Shepherd had three kids, a sticky note wife, and a whole hospital full of people who loved him. After 11 seasons of affairs, miracles, medicine, and light that he brought to the show, they decided he should get hit by a semi-truck ending him up in an inexperienced hospital where he developed a brain bleed and died. "It's a beautiful day to save lives." -Derek Shepherd

2. Quentin Fields, One Tree Hill

Quentin started off as a troubled kid, but with a little help from Haley and Nathan he became a great student-athlete. He was a role model to Jamie on and off the court, whether they were busting rhymes or wrapping wrists Jamie always knew he could count on Q. Quentin got shot in a gas station and died that same night, leaving a huge impact on Tree Hill.

3. Glenn, The Walking Dead

From season one Glenn was always the one putting his life on the line for the safety of the group. After many times we feared of losing him to the zombies, we lost him to Negan.

4. Jeff Atkins, Thirteen Reasons Why

All he was ever trying to do was help Clay get the girl and he ended up in a fatal car accident. What did he do to deserve it?

5. Bob, Stranger Things

Poor guy thought he had escaped the demo-dogs when one jumps out of nowhere and attacks him.

6. Keith Scott, One Tree Hill

After brother Dan Scott leaves his high school sweetheart with an unborn child, Keith devoted his life to make sure Lucas didn't grow up without a father figure in his life. He did the absolute best to help pick up the slack, and his story ended in the hallway of Tree Hill High with a fatal gunshot wound.

7. Beth Green, The Walking Dead

Beth might've been young, but she learned to carry her weight. This is until she tried to stand up for herself and gets shot.

8. April Kepner, Grey's Anatomy

I know she didn't die, but the way they had April leave the show did not do justice to the role her character played. She was so kind-hearted and loving, yes, she ends up with the man of her dreams, but we all want to see more of Dr. Kepner.

9. Tadashi Hamada, Big Hero 6

Hiro relied on Tadashi after both of his parents got killed, early in the movie Tadashi runs into a burning building to save his professor and never made it out. He was a brilliant robotics student and stood for everything Hiro strived to be.

10. Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Elena was a fun/energetic teen who wasn't afraid to tell you how it is. Her only worry was to keep Jeremy (her little brother safe). Although she didn't die, a witch linked her life to her best friends', she will not wake up until her friend dies. Very twisted I know, this left mutual friends confused on what to do. They said their goodbyes and for the vampires in the group their 'see ya laters'.

11. Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie started off confused as to what she was and why she could perform such acts of magic. She grew into a powerful witch that could bring the dead back to life. It is unfortunate that she had to spend so long stuck in another world only with Damon Salvatore, and that she ended up being linked to Elena to where her best friend would only live if she were to die.

12. Rue, The Hunger Games

Rue was barely old enough to enter the games, but held a special skill in climbing/blending in. She had been taking care of Katniss for days when she was struck by an arrow in the chest.

13. Jack Pearson, This is Us

It would be an understatement to say that Jack Pearson was a great person. He was an amazing father, husband, and friend. He always made sure he had everyone's best interest in mind, his death was tragic but very heroic. Their house had caught fire in the middle of the night, and after getting everyone out safely they heard a bark. So being the superman he is, Jack went back in after the poor pooch. He made it back out with the dog, but when they were at the hospital he went into cardiac arrest from inhaling too much smoke. This death took a huge toll on the entire family, and they were forever impacted.

14. Mona Vanderwaal, Pretty Little Liars

Mona was a very devious minded person, but with that being said she was too smart for her own good. In my opinion the girls only paid attention to her when they needed help getting answers. I can't blame them much because she did try to kill all of them at one point. But she definitely deserved a bigger role in the t.v. series.

15. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Rory was a good girl, who always knew what she needed to get done. Graduated from a private school to then attend an ivy league college. She was the more reasonable Gilmore Girl in comparison to her mother Lorelei. In the series finale Rory begins her first summer as a college graduate, but in the reboot of the show "A Year in the Life", Rory doesn't end up with the career she has been chasing her whole life. She is having an affair with Logan. And in the last episode she finds out that she is pregnant. She went from having it all together to a hot mess real quick.

16. Nate Archibald, Gossip Girl

Nate played a big role in the early seasons of the show, but as you reach the end you see how he starts slowly becoming irrelevant. Dan only made him half a person in his book, and that's where you see his transition from hero to zero.

17. Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy

This witty orthopedics doctor was always my favorite, she had a baby with her best friend before she came out as lesbian, she dealt with her husband cheating on her, and she almost died in a car accident while pregnant. Not only was Callie Torres a bad ass, but she was also one of the strongest characters. She went off to further her career in medicine in New York City.

18. Spencer Hastings, Pretty Little Liars

Spencer Hastings was too strong of a character to give her an evil twin in the end of the series. They did her dirty by making everyone question on if a scene would be Spencer or her twin.

19. George Tucker, Heart of Dixie

He doesn't end up with Lemon or Zoey. What kind of world do we live in where the main conflict of the show is solved by ignoring it.

20. George O'Malley, Grey's Anatomy

George O'Malley was the guy that everyone loved, he was the one that Bailey named her son after, he was a friend when you needed one, and he was hopelessly in love with Meredith Grey, but he wasn't stupid enough to see that one through. Imagine your dog but in human form, a loyal friend who is always there when you need to talk or even if you don't need to talk. On his last day he was saving a girl from getting hit by a bus, by throwing her out of the way and putting himself in the path of the bus. He was then rushed to the hospital where his wounds were so bad that no one could recognize him until he drew the numbers 007 on Meredith's hand and she realized.

007, You were a loving person with a big heart and you did not deserve to die. I love how they made your death so heroic, but I know Greys isn't the same without you.

p.s. I cried over this death for a week straight.

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