12 Everyday Uses for Tampons

Tampons aren't solely used for the once a month visit from Aunt Flo.

1. When you get a nosebleed, the only way to stop it is to "stick it right in"

2. To scare the boys away

3. To get through amusement park security faster by putting them at the top of your bag

4. Plug gunshot wounds *then proceed to go to hospital*

5. As a pair of very fashionable dangly earrings

6. To entertain your dog or cat

7. To be able to pretend you own the "Kylie Jenner Lip Kit"

8. To use as fire kindling

9. As a make-shift beauty blender when you don't want to spend $10 on a real one

10. As ammo for your next "war"

11.See how it reacts in water

12. And finally, to soak up the water on the UMW pedestrian bridge

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