Many people look forward to summer vacation to be free from the suffocation of schoolwork and other responsibilities for the shortest three months of the year. While many people still have other obligations such as summer classes, jobs or internships, it seems to be much easier to find time to make the most of your summer break as opposed to the school year. Instead of hiding out in your room all summer watching copious amounts of Netflix, as tempting as it seems, here are 12 things to do instead.

1. Go to the park. I triple-dog-dare you to go swing as high as you can on that playground. Go on the slides and laugh as you get stuck in it, and then beg your friends to stop taking Snapchat videos of it and really help you out because being stuck in a slide is not necessarily a painless experience.

2. Walk around the old neighborhood. Mr. Rogers said it best. It is indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood, even on the most dreary and dismal of days. Ditch the phone for an hour and go on a walk to take in the sights of your roots.

3. Hit up an amusement park. Whether it’s a fifteen-minute drive down the road, or an hour away from home, grab your best friends and make the trip! Get off your high horse and get on that rollercoaster, and throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

4. Go to a concert. I don’t care if you think it sounds better on a recording. There is just a sort of beauty in live music that can’t be captured or relived through any sort of lens. Don’t record the whole show and post it on your Snapchat. Go to a concert and live in the moment.

5. Have a picnic. Pack up a few snacks and some sandwiches, and go out to a nice open area on a sunny day with some friends or your significant other. It’s creative, not overly pricey, and memorable. Don’t forget a blanket!

6. Go to a waterpark or pool. On a hot day when all you want is to be cool, pack up your sunscreen and towels to hit your local waterpark or pool to catch some rays and cool off in the hot sun!

7. See a baseball game. You don’t even have to like sports. Round up a group and throw on your home team’s cap and pig out on some nachos as you take in the sights and sounds of the game day atmosphere surrounding you.

8. Take a trip. Even if you don’t have a vacation planned for this year with your family or friends, at least try to get away for a long weekend somewhere you’ve never gone before. Spontaneous, planned, any sort of getaway will do.

9. Go to work. You may love it; you may hate it. Regardless, it makes you money and you’ve got to have at least one or two friends there basking in the glory of your summer employment with you.

10. Switch up your wardrobe. Take some time to clear out what you don’t wear anymore, and to add in some new styles. Now’s the time to experiment and play around with new looks.

11. Learn something new. Look at various businesses and places around your area that offer classes and tutorials relating to things in which you have an interest. Zumba class at the church down the road? Try it out! Is the local craft store hosting a knitting class? Go for it!

12. Don’t let a single moment slip through your fingertips. Live each day like it’s your last, and don’t let your fears or ambiguities hold you back from doing what you really want. These three months will soon come to a close, and you should live them with no regrets. Adventure won’t wait for you; go out there and make your own.