There are many things that can help brighten a day, and wake you up, however, coffee is the most important of them all. Every day millions of people wake up and begin their day with a cup of coffee. Some with loads of cream and sugar and some drink it as black as can be. Or those fancy people drink their coffee with foam and fancy syrups. However you may choose to drink it, it's a necessity to many people including myself. In saying that there are many things I would gladly give up before I would have to give up coffee, and those are listed below.

1. Ice Cream

Yes this may seem extreme, but I would rather have coffee over ice cream anyday. You can fight me on this all you want, but at the end of the day you'll have a 5 minute sugar rush while I'm buzzing on cafeine all day.

2. Twitter

Even though social media is important to many people, including myself, twitter is just one things I truly could give up forever if it meant endless coffee.

3. Instagram Filters

Although the filters and editing skills that are available on Instagram are vital to many posts, I would have to give them up if it meant I could have coffee forever. In the end you really want to show people your true self right? At least they'll know you like coffee.

4. Road Rage

For some this might sound odd, but for me this is something that is very hard for me to control. It's so easy to criticize someone on their driving when you know they can't hear you. But be careful with your windows open because there's always a slight chance that theirs might be too.

5. Gluten

Although I am bias towards gluten being the fact that I am allergic, even if I was not I would make the step to give it up for coffee. After eating a gluten free diet for a year now, I see how much better my body responds and how much better it is for me in general. It truly gives me more energy to cut it out of my diet, and more energy is always what I need. At least according to me it is.

Although there are many things that I would choose to give up just for a cup of coffee, there are many I would not. This includes being sarcastic at any chance given, making up dumb jokes that no one but you will laugh at and eating popcorn forever. I love coffee and it holds a dear place in my heart, but maybe not that dear to where I would give up everything just to have coffee. Sorry good ole cup of joe, maybe next time.