Don't say I never did anything for you. You, (and your EIC!!) will thank me one day.

1. Listicle

These puppies are so quick and easy to write, perfect if you're a few days behind on your deadline!!

2. You know you're from ____

I'm from Atlanta, so for example: "You know you're from Atlanta when eating Chick-Fil-A for every meal doesn't phase you"

3. Bucket List

Whether it's for the year, for the semester, month, whatever, this can always be relevant.

4. "How To" of something you like to do

Odyssey does video now, DIY articles can be really fun over video too!!!

5. Review of (one of) your favorite book (s)

6. Things only ____ know to be true

Things only cheerleaders, college students, twins, swimmers, second semester seniors, football players, teachers, musicians, etc. know to be true

7. Your opinion on a current event

It's your page, your account, your article, share what YOU want to say!

8. Thoughts you have while ____

Thoughts you have while in the shower, in spin class, about to go to sleep, in line at the grocery store, listening to your favorite song, sitting in calculus, walking across campus, etc.

9. List of Odyssey Article Ideas


10. Take pictures of something you did and write about it

Go downtown and take pictures of your food and friends and title it "Things to do in downtown ___"

11. Why YOU think Odyssey forces you to make your listicles 11 items instead of a nice, even, 10 items.