If you're like me and go out of town for college, you realize you have about three actual friends left when you come home for breaks. With about $0 in your bank account and three friends, there's only so much to do. I've compiled a list of things to keep yourself from being super bored.

1. Go to the park

Go at night, when the kids aren't there! You get full access to the swings and don't have to worry about being "that person" who doesn't belong with the rest of the kids. You can think about whatever's on your mind, look at the stars, and do it all on a swing or the monkey bars.

2. Binge-watch Friends... Three times over

Can you think of any better show to binge watch? I've seen every episode more times than I can count and I still watch it every night in bed. It doesn't ever get tiring or less funny. Perfect option.

3. Nap for hours on end

What better way to not deal with the reality of boredom than sleep?

4. Download the "Episode" app and play Demi's Rise to Fame game

I promise this game is addicting. You enter a singing contest with your character and face what any rising celebrity has to deal with. Will you date Alex Fox or Taylor the guitar player? How will you handle Maria Reyes? Can you acquire enough fans to keep your GlamLips sponsorship? Will you look good on your TV interviews? Only you will know if you play this addicting game, all while becoming BFFs with Demi Lovato.

5. Learn to Cook

I moved into an apartment this year, and had to cook for myself instead of relying on the dining hall for every meal. I mostly made myself pasta, and I'm SO TIRED OF PASTA. And without the worry of homework, class, or other activities getting in the way, learn how to cook. I know some meals take a while to prep and then have to sit in the oven for a while, but what do you have over winter break that prevents you from learning to really cook? Your daily afternoon nap? I know I said to nap, but skip out on this one. Just teach yourself a couple new recipes.

6. Hang out with your mom

She probably missed you while you were away and is probably going to be a lot nicer to you because of it. Even if she drives you nuts, just suck it up and hang out with her. You only get so much time with her.

7. Play with your pets

Pets can be so dumb, and watching them be stupid makes top ten for most entertaining things. That's why cat videos have millions of views. You can't convince me otherwise.

8. Look up "top ten" everything on Google

Whether it be "top ten baby names in Norway" or "top ten celebrities of all time" you'll be entertained. I like watching videos on the difference between Americans and other cultures on YouTube. Watching YouTubers try to guess other countries' YouTubers' slang is hilarious, 10/10 recommend.

9. Read a book

Without school, I breeze through books. I read nine books in the matter of a week and a half last winter break because I was able to actually read and not worry about homework. I don't think I've even read nine books for pleasure in the last year, because I just don't have the time. Take advantage of this time.

10. Craft

Painting, drawing, coloring an adult coloring book, whatever it may be, arts and crafts are relaxing. You don't need to worry about it being "good" and just let it flow. As hippy-dippy as it sounds, it's relaxing when you just let the art come. Plus, the more you do it, the better you get.

11. Go to Target

Even if you don't buy anything (and you will, hello dollar section), Target is a place of happiness. I go from college student to suburban soccer mom when I go to Target. Mugs, plates, decorations, bedding, everything is somehow necessary for my middle class home that I do not own. A trip to Target is like stepping into another world, so what could be less boring?