Is there that special someone in your life, but maybe you're not sure if they feel the same way about you? Here are some FOOLPROOF tips to make sure.

1. Surprise them!

Everyone's got a shower curtain! Break in, hide behind the shower curtain, wait for your boo to get home and then SURPRISE!

2. Hang with their friends!

Go to a bowling alley with their friends. Or follow their friends to a bowling alley. Either way, you're just "one of the guys."

3. Make them laugh!

People like people who make them laugh! The easiest way, without actually being funny, is to TICKLE THEM. Fear and love are so close on the emotional spectrum, it's SCARY.

4. Take their mom out for mani-pedis!

"Hey Jen! Your mom and I are besties, so I guess I'm just part of your family now! Lol lovemebackplease!"

5. Flirt on social media!

They say manifest it. Change your relationship status to "Taken" and when people ask you in social settings who it is, twinkle your eyes, do a little laugh, flip your hair and stare DIRECTLY INTO YOUR CRUSH'S EYES.

6. Create a shrine in your closet!

Wait, what, omg no that's WEIRD... But also satisfying...

7. Put on a nice shirt!

People love clothes on other people. Put a shirt on! Maybe put your crush's face on it... Show them you're thinking about them.

8. Smell their hair!

If they get awkward, it's just their true feelings coming out. Haha, CAUGHT YA!

9. Walk their dog!

Find a way to take their pooch out for a stroll; maybe without them knowing. If their furry friend bonds with you, it's a surefire way to tell that the person will also like you.

10. Watch them sleep at night!

It worked for Edward and Bella. It'll work for you!

11. Perform a ritual!

Don't say a seance never brought you anything! Grab your voodoo doll and spell book, because those are guaranteed to make the apple of your eye love you back.

12. Ask them!

They'll love how upfront you are. The gun to their head only adds to the excitement!