In today's dating culture, it's extremely difficult to tell if you've met a good guy or just another "one night stand". From the first time you meet, you are unconsciously or even consciously looking for these signs.

1. He asks about your interests.

You interest him. He wants to learn as much about you as possible, and not in that creepy stalker way, but in the "you really keep my attention with your words" way. He asks a lot of questions about your life and he continues the conversation by giving details from his life, too.

2. He wants to meet your family and friends.

He knows how much these people mean to you. He knows that if he wants to eventually make something real with you, these people are going to be determining factors if he stays around or not. None of us ever want to choose between our family/friends or a significant other, and he makes sure this will never have to happen.

3. He asks about your day.

No matter if your day is good or bad, he wants to know about it. If something is upsetting you, he wants to know what he can do to help. If something is going great for you, he's there as an extra vote of confidence.

4. He makes plans that you can do together.

He's not trying to leave you behind. He always has something up his sleeve that you would enjoy doing, or that would be different and exciting for you to try. He isn't one of those guys who asks "what do you want to do" but rather "I have this planned for us".

5. He isn't needy.

If you're having a busy day, he will understand that and wait for you to get back to him. Chances are, he's a busy guy too and he expects the same from you. He won't blow up your phone with angry texts, rather, he will fill it with "I miss you" and "I'll be here when you get back".

6. He always puts you first.

He lets you order food first at the restaurant. He holds doors open for you. He asks about your plans before he gives suggestion. He makes you feel like you're the number one priority.

7. He responds in a timely manner.

You won't be waiting around for hours for a text back from him. He makes sure that you know that you're important enough to get a "hey, I can't talk right now" instead of ignored messages.

8. He respects you and your body.

He doesn't push you to limits that you don't feel comfortable with. He makes sure to always ask for permission first.

9. He has a good sense of humor.

Or maybe just your sense of humor. Laughing together is the perfect way to start a happy relationship. If you are together and all you're doing is laughing at him and smiling his way, you both know he's doing something right.

10. He surprises you.

This doesn't have to be with gifts either. He surprises you with a phone call during the day, a note that tells you what you mean to him, or even just a random "I miss you" text message.

11. He says "Good morning" and "Good night".

These two things are usually looked over, but they mean that you're the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and the last night thinks about before he falls asleep.