Let's be real with each other, dating in this century is garbage. We skip the mystery and jump straight into the relationship stuff without actually having it. That's trash.

Nowadays it's gotten harder to tell if a guy is actually into you or if he's just playing a game with your heart. Well, here is what I've learned so far to help me from falling for the players.

1. He takes you on an actual date.

2. After he takes you out he drives you back to your place, not his. He actually a gentleman, what a shocker.

3. Your goals and aspirations? Yes, he really cares about that.

4. He talks about you to his friends.


5. He does his research. If you're really interested in something he will go out of his way, without being asked, to learn about it just because he cares

6. He does thoughtful things just because he can

7. Rants about your day? He actually listens and cares, he's not just trying to make conversation.

8. He'll make up excuses to see you. Even if it's for the dumbest reason, he'll find the time because he just wants to see you.


9. He opens up to you.

10. No time for you? Forget that. No matter how busy of a life both of you may have, you'll both find a way to work around it.

11. He remembers details and stories that you tell him and will actually refer back to it on occasion.