11 Times The Sanderson Sisters Read Our Minds

"Hocus Pocus" was always my all-time favorite Halloween movie. The Sanderson sisters always made me laugh. Well, Mary and Sarah did, but Winnie was just a little on the creepy side. I loved them, nonetheless, and the longer I'm in college the more I realize just how much they had understood about college life.

1. When your professor says "You can't do this assignment overnight".

2. When your friend is drinking and goes a little too far when she sees a cute guy at the bar.

3. When there's a freshman orientation/open house going on all over campus.

4. After getting dolled up for a night out with the girls.

5. When your best friend asks if you want to go get dinner.

6. Going to bed with a facial treatment on.

7. Emailing your professor at midnight when working on an assignment due the next morning.

8. When someone wears a dress to class.

9. When you go through a breakup, and you see him on campus.

10. Waking up for your 8 A.M.

11. When a professor calls on you in class and you have no idea what they just asked.

In the end, the Sanderson sisters definitely knew what college was really like, at least we can pretend they did. Now, time to stop procrastinating - hit the books, guys. Or, just go watch "Hocus Pocus" (you know you want to!).

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