The show that has captivated audience's hearts for the past 12 seasons seems to understand the emotional stress it puts its viewers through more than we do. Here are 11 times Shonda pulled an inception-like move and got her characters to tell us exactly how we were feeling.

1. When ANOTHER one of our favorite characters dies

2. When we say we're only going to watch one episode, but we end up watching one season

3. When people say we watch too much Grey's Anatomy

4. When we're still getting over someone who died four seasons ago

5. When the surgeons pull off a risky surgery

6. When the characters (@Mark and Lexie) won't admit that they have feelings for each other

7. When we watch the Season 6 Finale

8. When we realize that Season 11 is a different show than Season 1

9. Anytime Meredith is underestimated

10. When people say your medical advice is not valid, even though you always know to push one of "Epi"

11. When we realize the show has taken over our lives and everything else is just an obstacle to curling up with Netflix