The 2018 major league baseball season has been going on for a little over a month now, and now that it is summer for me, I couldn't be more excited to watch a sport I have grown up watching. As I got older, there were more thoughts that ran through my head while watching this sport. While I could list many, here are eleven of them.

1. What is the statistic behind choosing who will start the game for each team?

2. Can our team step it up? Just a bit? Bat the the ball, please?

3. OK, I know I just said bat to the ball, but I meant getting a hit and actually getting on base. Not a pop-up/ground-out/everything else!

4. Did my phone buzz? I am in the middle of an important meeting with my favorite sport!

5. I wonder what the process is with choosing the various walk-up songs...

6. What song is this? I like it.

7. I'll Google it later...


9. *Insert sigh of relief when it is foul*

10. That was a good game.

11. I need to go to a game soon now that I'm on summer break. Seriously.