For the past few days, I might have accidentally forgotten my earbuds before I leave my dorm and head to class. Normally, with the winter season, I want to keep my ears covered and warm. But when I'm somewhere that is not outside or class, I would want to listen to music of some sort to keep my mind occupied and my creative juices flowing. But when it comes to times when I forget those listening devices, I'm stuck in a couple of thoughts.

Here are 11 thoughts that come to mind when I do indeed forget my earbuds.

1. Did I really forget my earbuds?

Answer: Yes I did.

2. They were on my desk in plain sight!

How could I forget that they were right there!

3. I had plans to sit and do homework not in my room.

I can do my homework and listen to music at the same time.

4. I mean, I can survive.

It's just a pair of earbuds.

5. But wait...

Hold on a second.

6. What if...

What if there's a funny video on Twitter that I want to watch but I'm in public?!?

7. Maybe I can lip read the videos?

No, that just sounds impossible.

8. Alright, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

What do I mean?

9. Got to think some songs are playing in my head.

Makes no sense but I don't care.

10. Nope, this isn't feeling right.


11. Why did I forget those earbuds? I'm stupid.

I'll probably forget them tomorrow but all is well.