11 Thoughts That Cross Every Incoming College Freshman's Mind

There are so many unknowns and countless questions that arise the months and weeks leading up to move in day. Every college freshman, no matter their level of confidence, is faced with the same uneasy feeling. You aren't totally sure what to pack or what it will be like no matter how many lists you read or emails you are sent. Here are a few thoughts that go through the mind of a rising college freshmen:

1. “No mom, I really do need to bring all these sweaters”

2. “Can I bring my dog?”

3. “Hey can we run to target real quick?”

4. “Wow I feel so college.”

5. “My room is how small?!”

6. “I’m sure I can fit another pair of boots in my suitcase.”

7. “I wonder if me and my roomie will be best friends.”

8. “What if I don’t make any friends?”

9. “How do I do laundry?”

10. “Is the food really that bad?”

11. “But seriously, can I bring my dog?”

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