11 Things Umaine Students Do During Snow Days

If you go to the University of Maine, you know that you rarely get a snow day. You essentially have to be piled under 40 inches of snow, and zero visibility outside for administration to even begin considering it. That being said, when you get the "All Umaine classes cancelled. Only storm day staff should report" text, here are the top eleven things that you can count on people doing.

1. Sleeping in

With no 8 am exam they stayed up all night studying for, you can count on everybody getting a few extra hours.

2. Jumping Off A Second Story Into A Snowbank

Although this sounds like one of the weirdest ideas ever, it happens more often than you may think!

3. Actually Catching Up On Homework

Okay, this is maybe not one of the more popular options, but it happens!

4. Drinking Beer in A Snowbank

Why? I'm not really sure.

5. Binge Watching Netflix

This is guaranteed to be part of everybody's snow day.

6. Having a drink to stay warm.

You know.... just in case the heat stops working... or something.

7. Realizing how much snow it took to earn this day off.

8. Running Naked Into The Snow

Again... why? Still unsure.

9. Wondering If You're Too Old To Play In The Snow

Then you realize that there is no such thing.

10. When Your Teacher Says To Just Email The Assignment

And you low-key never did it in the first place.

11. Hopelessly Wishing For Another Snow Day

Even though you know it'll never happen again.

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