11 Things We All Experience When Shopping At TJ Maxx

11 Things We All Experience When Shopping At TJ Maxx

You know you've been there.. We all have.


1. Walking in and asking yourself "What will I buy today that I don't really need?"

2. Trying to put yourself on a budget:

3. Realizing you're way over your budget already but telling yourself it's okay because "You deserve it"

4. Seeing the sale section:

5. Trying to say "No" to the cashier when they ask if you want to save money by signing up for a TJ Maxx Credit Card because you know you're there all the time and it would save you so much money but also credit card debt.

6. Thinking to yourself "Well if I put back this mug that's $4 I can put towards this sweater but the mug is so cute but the sweater is $10..WHAT CAN I GET RID OF?"

You know you've done it.

7. Getting to the checkout line and telling yourself you're done shopping but you know you aren't because they stick all of the really good stuff in the checkout line for you to add to your cart while you wait.

8. The LINES:

9. Getting to the checkout and seeing your subtotal at $102.36

10. Thinking "Maybe I should put back a few things."

11. Leaving with so many things you didn't need, but at least you got good deals????

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