Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to call their mom their best friend. I know plenty of people who are in a constant war with their mom, so I try not to take the amazing relationship that I have with her for granted. Being best friends with your mom changes how you live your life and it comes with some definite perks.

1. Your mom is the first person that you invite to events.

Whether it’s a massive sale at your favorite store or the movie you’ve desperately been wanting to see, your mom is the first person you call.

2. You’ll ditch your friends to hangout with her.

Frankly, sometimes you would just rather hang out with her. In fact, your friends have gotten so used to this that they simply roll their eyes when you inevitably say, “Sorry, I’m with my mom right now.”

3. Your favorite TV shows are her favorite TV shows and vice versa.

And if you watch the new episode of Bates Motel or American Idol without her, then you are betraying a sacred bond.

4. You have an uncanny ability to read each other’s moods.

Try as you might, you can't hide your true feelings from each other. This means that you can always lift one another up with the perfect joke or by simply being a shoulder to cry on.

5. Thinking about your future also means thinking about her future.

You need her and she needs you, so the idea of moving away is absolutely terrifying. This results in you eliminating every town or city that is more than a couple of hours away.

6. No topics are off limits when you’re having one of your deep talks.

You can ask her about anything from the drugs she experimented with when she was your age to how she really feels about your grandparents (her answer sometimes being full of groans and frustration). This also means that you can be completely honest when she asks you how you're doing, even if the answer is "not too good."

7. You put her feelings before your own.

You want her to be happy more than anything and if that means sacrificing your own happiness, then so be it. There is absolutely nothing better than seeing a smile on her face.

8. You're as protective of her as she is of you.

If someone has the nerve to say anything bad about her, then they'll have to deal with your wrath. You never want her to feel unsafe or worthless, especially because of something that was said by someone who is simply incapable of seeing her beauty.

9. Her closet is also your closet.

If you have "nothing to wear", don't fear! Simply scrounge through your mom's closet where you will inevitably find the perfect outfit. If someone compliments your clothes, there's about a 50/50 chance that you'll reply with, "Thanks, but this is actually my mom's."

10. Your biggest fear in life is having to live without her.

She is your biggest support system and the mere thought of her not being a phone call away is too terrifying to confront. As far as you're concerned, she's your lifeline.

11. She is the best person you’ll ever know and that will never change.

She may seem average to other people, but to you, she's the strongest and most amazing person in the world. You can see each other’s beauty inside and out, even in your worst moments. You have an unbreakable bond that a lot of people don’t understand, but that’s okay because you wouldn’t trade her for the world.