If you really think about it, texting is a very weird way of communicating. You say things you would never think about saying in person and you’ll never know how mad someone actually is in a texting argument. Whether you’re texting your best friend or your significant other, you probably have things you say on the reg that no one else could truly understand. Shout out to my BFFL. I’m usually pissed and you just think “I’m fine,” but here are some things we say in texting and what they actually mean in real life.

1. “I’m literally dead”

Well, I’m typing so I’m not actually dead, but here we are.

2. “OMG RIP”

You’re embarrassing and I can’t believe that just happened.

3. “Literally”

What the actual fu*k.

4. “IDK, b.”

You’re dumb and I’m over your sh*t, so bye.

5. “I hate me”

I don’t actually hate myself, but I’m really embarrassed of my recent actions.

6. “I’m fine”

A classic — I’m actually really pissed and you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

7. “Haha”

I feel so awk right now.


You’re probably my BFF and I’m literally laughing right now.

9. “OMFG”


10. “Are u drunk”

This is a question and I need you to chill or tell me what is happening. Or you’re talking about your feels and I’m not about that right now.

11. “Hey”

I have so much more to say, but I don’t know how to say it. Bottom line — I have a lot more to say than “hey.”

When I say "LOL" I don’t actually mean I’m laughing and if I only reply “ok” then I’m either mad or didn’t have time to type a full reply, but there is no in between.