Last month I surpassed what we like to think of as a "milestone" here in the United States: my 21st birthday.

Within the first thirty days of being 21, I've learned many things (both related to being 21 and not related).

1. Drinks in Boston are expensive.

The week after my birthday, I went on a school trip with a couple of friends to Boston for a conference, and we soon learned how expensive a glass of wine is in the city.

2. Some stores don't even card you.

Upon learning this, my thought process was something like, "Are you kidding??? I could have been buying drinks all along!"

3. Some stores are too cautious about selling to you.

I KNOW my age, I know that I am legal, but sometimes I STILL get nervous when stores card me, or run my ID through their machines. Some places also won't let you buy alcohol if you are with people under 21.

4. Expensive wine doesn't always mean the best wine.

I am 100% satisfied with my bottle of Barefoot Rose for $4.99 from CVS.

5. Bouncers are more likely to talk to you when you're 21.

Many of the bouncers have made comments to me such as "Good for you," or "I'm impressed," at how quickly I've started to go out after turning 21. Did they really think I'd be more likely to stay home after becoming legal??

6. 30-year-old men become more attractive.

Flirting with a 30-year-old in a bar is fun, but I still feel like that's way too old for me. I feel 17 most of the time.

7. You no longer have to suffer from Sharpie poisoning at concerts.

One of the reasons I was excited to turn 21 was to be able to attend concerts without having to get the large "X" drawn on my hands.

8. Girls don't get any less petty.

You would think that with each year of getting older, that the drama in college would cease. It does not.

9. College parties are less fun.

The thrill of the hunt for alcohol gets eliminated because you can walk in anywhere and buy it. The freshman at parties just seem more elementary now.

10. Your closet does not change drastically.

I thought I'd go out and buy a bunch of "sexy" club outfits. Nope. Still a broke college student, still getting away with wearing the same top on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night.

11. Your life does not change at all.

I really thought turning 21 would be more ground-breaking. Now the next milestones I have to look forward to in life are getting married, having kids and turning 50, (hopefully in this order). Bottom line is, if you're not yet 21, enjoy your young adulthood, don't rush it all away just to go throw away more money.