Yes, that is me. Representing my high school marching band for 6 years as the color guard captain! Color guard was one of the most fun things about high school for me, and I've seen it all. From being handed the giant trophies, to a literal fist fight on the field with my best friend and sister, guard girls do it all. Here's to all the guard girls out there, and everything we endure during our seasons that make them so, so memorable.

1. Nobody notices when your good, but everybody comes after you when you're bad.

The color guard makes or breaks the show, it's just the way it is! It's like being the middle child of the band. When your run-through is clean and perfect, you've made the expectation! But when your run-through is messy and full of drops, the demise of the show and loss of competition is blamed on the guard.

2. The guard bathroom

You can fit AT LEAST 15 girls into a bathroom with space to spare, and the perfume-masked-sweat smell is definitely the worst part.

3. Two words: velvet pants.

It's like that couch that you kinda want to sit on, kinda don't want to sit on...

4. Not being part of the "actual band"

People actually had the nerve to say to me "yeah because you're in marching band! Well.. sort of.."

5. Unexplainable bruises. Everywhere.

Enough said.

6. Everyone claims that you've hit them with your flag... and it's probably true

In my high school band, it was almost like a right of passage to be hit by me.

7. Having to practice your smile

"I don't see your teeth!!" "Practice like you perform!!"

8. Spinning in the cold

"I think my finger just broke but it's too cold to tell"

9. Spinning in the rain

When the pole keeps slipping out from your hands and you're getting slapped in the face over and over again with the wet silk.

10. "Guard drama" is the worst drama

Fighting over whether the free hand should be a blade or jazz fingers, whether the sock bun should be on the left or the right, and not to mention who's dating who and who's got the juiciest gossip!

11. Being called a "flag girl"

Please, just stop yourself there.