As a native of Bergen County, I can attest to a few things that everyone from the region can relate to. Bergen county is at the northern tip of New Jersey, about 20-30 minutes away from NYC. The trip to NYC can come with hugely aggravating traffic, so it is not as convenient as it might seem. Many residents of Bergen cCunty, such as myself, have gone to school in the city, worked in the city, or have friends in the city. Here are a few things that describe our struggles:

1. You claim you live in New York.

2. You have friends who berate you for saying you live in New York

3. Shortline. Nuff said.

4. You live in the garden state plaza

5. You're always being too lazy to make your way into Manhattan.

6. You begrudgingly go to Manhattan various jobs and internships

7. You wake up early just to get to jobs and internships in Manhattan...on time.

8. You annoy your parents about buying an apartment in the city.

9. You invite yourself over to your friend's house in the city all the time for a place to stay.

10. One word--TRAFFIC.

11. You need to drive to get anywhere.

Although there are many struggles that come with living outside New York City, the fresh air, spacious parks, houses, and swimming pool make it hard to complain too much. All in all, Bergen is a nice area to grow up in. Just don't try to hang out with your friends in the city during rush hour or any major holiday- you'll never make it there.