11 Supernatural Episodes You Need To Rewatch

11 Supernatural Episodes You Need To Rewatch

There are a lot of phenomenal episodes you've probably forgotten and should revisit.

With the second-half of Supernatural's #13th season rolling back onto the CW, it got me thinking about some of the show's past episodes; there have been a lot of truly iconic originals that the SPN Fandom will never forget: Ghostfacers, The Monster at the End of this Book, It's A Terrible Life, The French Mistake, Changing Channels, After School Special... not to mention almost every season premiere and finale in the show's history.

Still, there are a lot of phenomenal episodes that you've probably forgotten about and need to revisit. This article will only cover episodes in seasons #1-#5 for the sake of brevity and because the first #5 seasons are still the heart of the show. So, without further ado:

Season One:

Provenance - When a spirit living inside an antique painting begins slitting the throats of anyone who buys the portrait, Sam and Dean crash an art auction in New York to check it out. This episode has a few genuinely funny moments and also contains the real first heart-to-heart Dean and Sam have about Sam's deceased girlfriend, Jessica. Up to this point, we haven't seen Sam with any potential love interests, so seeing him stumble through dates and awkward encounters with the auctioneer's art-savvy daughter was a lot of fun.

Dead Man's Blood - When a vampire hunter is murdered, Sam and Dean investigate and are surprised to find that their father is already on the case. This is the first episode where the elusive John Winchester actually stays to help the boys work on a case, and it's the first episode that the audience learns of the infamous Colt, the only weapon that can kill the first season's main antagonist, Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon. Not only that, but we finally get to see how strained John and Sam's relationship truly is when they get into a huge yelling match.

Season Two:

Simon Said - Sam has a vision that leads him and Dean to another psychic named Andy who uses mind control to gain favors from people. Andy is an all-around fun character - he lives in a giant van and seems to just smoke weed and read in his spare time; that is when he's not entertaining himself with his psychic powers. Although Andy brings a lightness to this episode, we see Sam and Dean's nerves continue to fray on account of Sam's visions.

Playthings - When people start dying at a bankrupt hotel run by a single mother, Sam and Dean check-in and discover that it's being haunted by the ghost of a young girl that died there many years ago. It's a classic case with some unforgettable moments; especially the heart-breaking scene where Sam gets drunk and makes Dean promise to kill him if his psychic powers ever get out of control.

Season Three:

The Kids Are Alright - With only one year left to live, Dean convinces Sam to take a potential case in Cicero, Indiana so that he can meet up with an old flame: Lisa Braeden (the only Dean OTP I will ever ship). While he's there, Dean meets Lisa's adorable kid Ben (who is basically a Dean-mini-me) and envisions the life he might've been able to live if he hadn't been a hunter. Also, the child changelings are freaky as heck and balance out the cute with for-real creepiness.

Sin City - Sam and Dean investigate a sleepy Ohio town that has suddenly been enveloped in drugs, alcohol, gambling, and sex. Dean spends some quality time trapped in a basement with a demon that clues him in on the role that Azazel had hoped Sam would play in the upcoming war between demons and hunters. This is the first time that we see Dean verbally question whether Sam is truly himself, truly 100% good, when he asks Bobby at the end of the episode, "Do you think there's somethin' wrong with my brother?"

Bonus Episode: Time Is On My Side - With Dean's time running out, Sam investigates an alchemist who's been stealing organs from people in order to maintain his immortality, while Dean attempts to reclaim the Colt from British thieving extraordinaire, Bela Talbot. This episode ends with a chilling foreshadow of Dean's upcoming death when Bela, who had also made a demon deal ten years earlier, gets attacked by Hell Hounds when the clock strikes midnight on the anniversary of the making of her deal.

Season Four:

It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester - Sam and Dean suspect that a witch is sacrificing people to raise a powerful demon named Samuel Haynes on Halloween; the very holiday inspired by him. This is a quintessential horror story, and we also get to see Sam exorcise a bad-ass demon with his powers and the tension that creates between the brothers.

I Know What You Did Last Summer - Alistair the demon and the angels Castiel and Uriel race to obtain a girl named Anna Milton, who claims she can hear angels speaking. Ruby shows up and creates drama, and Sam finally confesses to Dean what he went through the four months that Dean was in Hell.

Season Five:

Free To Be You And Me - Sam and Dean go their separate ways after they both decide that Sam's instincts as a hunter can't be trusted. Dean helps Castiel track down powerful Archangel Raphael, and poor Sam gets beat up by some hunters that want to abuse his addiction to demon blood.

Sam, Interrupted - Sam and Dean check themselves into a mental hospital to track down a monster that's attacking patients while slowly going insane themselves. Their deep-seeded fears and insecurities come to light, and seeing the pair so vulnerable tugs at any fan's heartstrings.

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