11 Stars Who Marched With Us
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It's 2020, where we are simultaneously in a pandemic and a revolution. Or maybe social distancing is canceled? Anyways let's get back to the protests revolving around basic human rights across all nations. There have been protests all around the world. Toronto, London, Montreal, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin, Auckland, Tokyo, Nairobi, and Vancouver were completely packed with peaceful protestors, law enforcement, and politicians.

Let's rave about the United States! Artists have swarmed the streets with the public regardless of our country's efforts to tame the crowds. These artists' work serves to give voices to those who are not heard and there's no way they were passing this opportunity up. It's an amazing time to be a loving force. There is nothing better than a whole worldly love.

1. Keke Palmer

I hope you all had a chance to see Keke Palmer in action during the protests. If not, I can sum it up for you. She was having a heart to heart with the National Guards urging them to march with us! The National Guards rationed to take a knee and to march down the street of their designated post, but Keke literally said "that ain't enough for me" & I do not blame her.

2. Halsey

Halsey is out and about without a care in the world. What I mean by this is she doesn't really care if she gets shot at. Yeah, how many people can say that? She is a whole other measure of brave.

3. Madison Beer

I kid you not, Madison Beer was outside marching around with her Dior saddlebag. Talk about a fashion statement. Well, this baby saddled up for quite the ride when she held up her sign because she got tear-gassed. Being the sweetie she is, Madison live-streamed to warn everyone that they started to tear gas people in Santa Monica. Oh, and she also went back the following day.

4. J. Cole

This honey was all about representing his hometown with his brothers trying to blend in. He had his mask on and had disbelief in his eyes, but I think it was from the absolute shock of hope. Yes, J. Cole was outside with everyone else and was not making it all about him. Staying humble.

5. Cole Sprouse

This man got arrested for you all. Guess he gets cuffed easily. No, but really, thank you Cole for representing the one and only human race.

6. Nick Cannon

Oh boy Nick Cannon was not having it with the abusive law enforcement during the peaceful protests. He had no problem setting them straight in Minneapolis. Powerfully leading the crowds with his strong platform and community.

7. Norman Reedus

Norman was protesting in LA and helping to support his fans for moral support. He graciously took pictures with everyone to help normalize the necessary yet unnecessary chaotic scene.

8. Ireland Baldwin

Ireland hit up the streets of LA with her beautiful protest sign. Her sign read "PTSD is seeing a cop car and immediately making a detour to avoid any confrontation cause you don't want to die". She definitely made a loud statement in the crowds.

9. Ben Affleck

Ben pulled up with his girlfriend on his Harley. Talk about a power couple. They were marching the streets of Venice Beach with their own signs. One of the signs involved saving a church in Venice and the other simply reading "Black Lives Matter".

10. Cara Delevinge

Cara joined the LA protests with her own sign that said "Silence is Consent". She also shared lots of pictures of the protest on her large social media platform. No wonder she's a successful model.

11. Zendaya

Zendaya has a pretty young fan base so she was just chilling outside by her neighborhood and shared clips of an organizer speaking into the crowd through a microphone to help emphasize the altitudes of the protests. On the other hand, she eventually stepped out into the crowds to help support her fans who were already there. Only her fans who got pictures with her show evidence of her out and about.

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