11 Songs That Will Help You Have A Poppin Summer If You Put Them On Your Playlist

11 Songs That Will Help You Have A Poppin Summer If You Put Them On Your Playlist

Summer songs.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for summer, to not have to worry about school or studying at all. I cannot wait to listen to music in the summer and make insta captions with the lyrics. Here are some songs I’m excited to listen to in the summer, enjoy!

1. Meant To Be- Bebe Rexha & FGL

2. The Middle-Zed, Maren Morris, Grey

3. Gods Plan-Drake

4. No Excuses-Meghan Trainor

5. This Is Me-The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

6. Pray For Me-The Weeknd, Kendrick

7. Drip- Cardi B

8. Never Be The Same- Camilla Cabello

9. Tequilla- Dan + Shay

10. Let Me- Zayn

11. Pynk- Janelle Monae

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30 Thank Yous For The Boyfriend Who Makes It Basically Impossible To Thank Enough

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This isn't a list of all the Thank Yous. But here are just a few.

Thank you for...

1. Looking out for me.

2. Cooking when I don't feel like it.

3. ALWAYS being the driver.

4. Dealing with my cold hands and feet.

5. Watching "This Is Us" and crying with me.

6. Telling me what I NEED to hear, not what I want to hear.

7. Making me laugh till I cry.

8. Going on hiking adventures with me (and my dog).

9. Making me feel safe.

10. Being invested in my family like it's your own.

11. Calming me down when I have anxiety.

12. Taking me out on dates.

13. Going on vacations with me.

14. Playing COD with me even though I'm not the best.

15. Playing Super Smash Brothers with me even though I can beat you every time.

16. Letting me cuddle you in the middle of the summer even though you get really hot.

17. Listening to me rant about sorority stuff that you don't care about.

18. Pushing me to do my best at the gym.

19. Doing all my car maintenance.

20. Teaching me new hobbies like motorcycle riding and shooting guns.

21. Being my #1 supporter.

22. Being lazy with me.

23. Always putting the toilet seat down.

24. Comforting me when I cry for no reason.

25. Playing with my hair.

26. Holding my hair when I had a little too much to drink.

27. Being patient when I have to do my hair and makeup.

28. Dealing with all the memes and videos I send you throughout the day.

29. Loving my dog like she's your own.

30. Being my ride or die.

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