11 Songs From 2007 That Everyone Should Still Be Listening To

The glorious time of the early 2000's. I include every year until 2010 in that statement, but I also understand that might not be entirely accurate. Oh well. Those years never cease to amaze me. The songs, the movies, the books, the memories. The songs. Literally.

It is getting cold outside and I never want to go outside because of it. So I've been pondering what to do besides spend time in my bed. Not like that's a bad thing. I'm for sure an advocate for that lifestyle. But that's not the point. My only solution happened to be to listen to music.. an activity that can definitely take place in my bed. Here are a list of throwback jams that came out in 2007 to get you through the winter months:

1. "The Sweet Escape"- Gwen Stefani

2. "Big Girls Don't Cry"- Fergie

3. "Buy U A Drank"- T Pain

4. "Girlfriend"- Avril Lavigne

5. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"- Soulja Boy Tell'em

6. "Beautiful Girls"- Sean Kingston

7. "Bubbly"- Colbie Caillat

8. "Rehab"- Amy Winehouse

9. "Cyclone"- Baby Bash

10. "Teardrops on My Guitar"- Taylor Swift

11. "Shut Up and Drive"-Rihanna

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