To be completely honest, I WISH my dog had a snapchat because we would be each other's #1 Best Friend no doubt. Here are a few snapchats I imagine my dog would send me if she did have one!

1. The infamous "ugly face" selfie.

2. After they get to go for a ride in the car.

3. Their face when they leave their doggie crush.

4. When they accidentally chew your favorite shoe.

5. After they eat waaaay too much wet food.

6. After a long day protecting the house and playing fetch.

7. When you're on vacation and they want you to come home.

8. When you're irritating them and won't stop calling their name.

9. When they're just waiting for you to come home and find their bone burried in your pillows.

10. If you're not petting them enough at that moment.

11. When they want to rub their puppy love in your face.