Whenever you watch a television show or movie that includes an Italian family, you typically the same picture: a big, loud, group of people who is constantly eating and/or cooking and is always together. While this depiction has its true parts, there is so much more to growing up in an Italian family than the basic stereotypes one tends to think of. If you grew up in an Italian family like I did, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Here are 11 signs you come from an Italian family:

1) You know the right way to pronounce mozzarella, ricotta and cavatelli.

You quickly realize how many people do not.

2) Everyone talks with their hands.

It happens so naturally, you do not even realize you, and everyone around you, is doing it.

3) Dinner is at 2:00 on Sundays.

It includes enough food to feed fifty people, yet your family of seven or eight people is somehow able to finish it all every week.

4) You grew up listening to Frank Sinatra.

Now you love listening to his music, and you always will.

5) Christmas would not be complete without the Seven Fishes dinner.

You could never imagine eating anything else on Christmas Eve.

6) Every time you talk, people think you are yelling.

People do not realize that this is just the volume of your normal talking voice.

7) Your favorite part of every meal is the antipasto.

It is also obviously the most important.

8) You never get tired of eating pasta.

Any kind of pasta with any sauce sounds good to you at almost any point of the day.

9) No one cooks better than your mom or nana.

No matter how hard they may try.

10) It’s gravy, not sauce.

Enough said.

11) Family comes before anything.

You always have each other’s backs, and you know that no matter what, you would never trade your crazy, close-knit Italian family for anything.