Everyone loves dogs and lots of people have dogs, but there are some people who are kind of obsessed with them. These are the people who consider their dogs to be members of the family, the people who honestly put their dogs on the same level as (or even above) most people. I'm most definitely one of those people and I think it's pretty obvious who they are, but here are the signs:

1. Your dog's toys are extra as heck

2. Your dogs are treated like children

3. Your dogs have doggie play dates

4. You let your dogs do basically whatever they want

5. Your dogs definitely think that they are "a people"

6. Your dog goes on vacation with you

7. Your dog has lots of cute costumes (that they may or may not hate wearing)

8. Your dog can do lots of really cool and useless tricks

9. Your dog gets something when you order at the drive-thru

10. You have birthday parties for your dog

11. You would die for your pup, because that's how much you love them